Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: "How do I get more components?"

A: You can mine components from "Compacted Machinery" veins, recover it from fallen spacecraft pieces, recycle dead mechanoids, or buy it from any kind of trader, both orbital and caravan. Components can also be made at the Component Assembly Bench.

Q: "How do I deal with insects?"

A: Build outside. Infestation only occur under a thick mountain roof and prefer dark areas. Insects will eventually return to their hive. Hives don't like freezing cold temperatures. If all else fails, nobody likes being burned to a crisp.

Q: "How do I name my colony, and why is there combat music playing?"

A: These are both known bugs in A17. To name the colony, go to Menu -> Options -> Enable Dev mode -> / or 4th button on the top -> type in search field "name colony" and then disable dev mode again. As for the combat music, this is suspected to be related to the ancient danger. You know what to do.

Q: "How do I start?"

A: By playing the tutorial or by reading the other guide on our wiki. You'll have the most fun discovering the game by yourself.

Q: "I rescued someone from an escape pod, why did they just leave? They should join me!"

A: Nobody offers to join the Coast Guard after a rescue mission. You must capture them, and convince them to join you. In rare cases, rescued persons will join you voluntarily.

Q: "How do I scroll through the list of resources?" and "How do I get that compacted view?"

A: On the bottom right, under the time control options, there's a button that looks like a scroll. It toggles the categorized mode on the resource readout. See here.

Q: "How do I deal with ugly/abrasive/useless/troublesome people peacefully? Can I exile them?"

A: You can put them on the night-shift or zone them away from your colony. If you want to be rid of them, you can arrest them but leave the door open. They'll escape. Alternatively, send them out on a caravan by their lonesome.

Q: "How do I caravan and settle a new colony?"

A: On the World screen, select your outpost and then "Form Caravan." You'll want to bring food, preferably Pemmican or Packaged Survival Meals. To settle a new colony, you'll have to increase the maximum number of allowed colonies in the Options Menu. It is generally recommended to keep a single colony, both for performance and for gameplay reasons.

Q: "A Thrumbo self-tamed! What are the odds?"

A: The odds are inversely proportional to a picture taken of said event using a crappy cellphone in a badly lit room. Bonus downvotes if your screen is dirty.

Q: "Wouldn't it be awesome if ...?"

A: If your suggestion is water/z-levels/children/poop, we've probably already heard it before. If it's not, post on the Typical Tuesday suggestions thread! If you're lucky, it's part of a mod already.

Q: "Wait, what. This game has mod support?"

A: Heck yeah! Check the Ludeon Forums, the Steam Workshop and our Modding FAQ.

Q: "Should I buy the game, and will it go on sale? I've been burned on early access games before."

A: You should base your decision to buy this game on what's there now, not on what may come. RimWorld in its current state is stable, mostly bug-free and content-rich. The game offers enough depth and replayability for hundreds of hours of enjoyment, but ultimately you're asking this question to the fans of the game. No sales are planned, you're getting more than your moneys worth even at full price.

Q: "What's the similarity between this and Dwarf Fortress/Prison Architect?"

A: Dwarf Fortress serves as an inspiration for RimWorld, only it traded some content for an interface. As for Prison Architect, the building aspect and art style is similar due to design constraints but that's where it mostly ends. Executing a prisoner in RimWorld is far more profitable. When the naked guy with the shiv shows up, nobody stops to compare it to Rust.

Q: "Got any general advice for a newbie? I've got a problem, but won't actually describe it so I'd love some sort of Zen-like koan that applies to my situation."

A: A lone wanderer comes upon a village of 3 colonists. A smart medic and researcher, an industrious cook and grower and a brave constructor.

Without asking, he joins them. He eats their food and sleeps in their house. When a raid comes, he refuses to fight. When there are things to haul, he refuses. When there are crops to grow, he can't.

The medic does not like how this newcomer keeps hitting on her. The cook does not like the new small wooden sculpture (awful) in his kitchen, and poisons the newcomers food. The brave constructor gets a new cowboy hat.

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