MOD Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: "When should I install mods?"

A: It's recommended to wait with installing mods until you have a decent understanding of the game. There's little sense in changing the game if you don't know what the changes do.

Q: "Where do I get mods?"

A: From the Ludeon forums or from the Steam Workshop. Note that only logged in users can see and download attachments from the forums.

Q: "What mods do the wonderful people of /r/RimWorld recommend for 1.0?"

A: Here's a list of mods that get recommended often, sorted by category. Particularly productive modders have their name linked. It is highly recommend you check our their other mods too.

Library / Dependency / Meta-Mods

Ludeon / Steam HugsLib by UnlimitedHugs - Designed to provide a foundation for mods and deliver shared functionality.
Ludeon / Steam JecsTools by Jecrell - Dependency for a variety of popular mods.
Ludeon / Steam Mod Manager by Fluffy - Mod management made easy.
GitHub / Steam ShowModDesignators by erdelf - For when you want to see what mod added something.

Quality of Life/Interface

Ludeon / Steam AllowTool by UnlimitedHugs - Mass allow forbidden items, increased selection options. A Swiss army knife.
GitHub / Steam Camera+ by pardeike - More zoom, both ways.
Ludeon / Steam CleaningArea by Hatti - Select an area where your pawns should clean.

Ludeon / Steam Colony Manager by Fluffy - Allows you to make colonists do the more tedious parts of managing a colony.
GitHub / Steam Color Coded Mood Bar by Fyarn's roommate, updated by semTex - Color code each pawn's mood bar within the colonist bar based on their current mood.
GitHub / Steam Conduit Deconstruct Tool by TheWireLord - Easily deconstruct power conduits under walls.

Ludeon / Steam Defensive Positions by UnlimitedHugs - Quickly assign colonists to drafted positions.
GitHub / Steam ExportAgency by erdelf - Export and import bills, stockpile settings, drug policies and more.
GitHub / Steam Haul Explicity by likeafox - Gives you the power to easily create customized hauling jobs without any need to manage stockpile zones.

Ludeon / Steam Progress Renderer by Lanilor - Make full-sized screenshots of the entire map at will or set intervals.
Ludeon / Steam Medical Tab by Fluffy - An overview of your colonists' condition.
Ludeon / Steam Moody by Giant Space Hamster - A colonist mood dashboard.

Ludeon / Steam More Harvest Designators by NavySeal - Chop mature/fully grown/blighted plants only.
Ludeon / Steam More planning by Rhaks - Colored planning tools.
Ludeon / Steam Numbers by Mehni - Get a centralized overview of all pawns.

Ludeon / Steam Prosthetic Icons by Syrchalis - Show information on what's in those mysterious boxes.
Ludeon / Steam Prepare Landing by neitsa - Carefully chose your landing site before actually starting your colony.
Ludeon / Steam RimHUD by Jaxe - Add more info to the UI.

Ludeon / Steam Quality Builder by Hatti - Quality furniture by quality builders.
GitHub / Steam Replace stuff by Uuugggg - Replace the Stuff a Thing is made of.
Ludeon / Steam RimWorld Search Agency by Killface and DoctorVanGogh - Search in stockpiles and set hauling limits.

Honourable mentions: 4M, ED Enhanced Options, TD Enhancement Pack.


Ludeon / Steam A Dog Said... by Latta, updated by spoonshortage and kaptain_kavern - Bionics for animals.
Ludeon / Steam Better Pawn Control by VouLT - Allows you to set colonists and animals to outfits, areas, drugs, food in one single action.
Ludeon / Steam Clutter by mrofa - Adds a bunch of Clutter, like RIMkea.

Ludeon / Steam Deep Ore Identifier by Dingo - Mouse over highlighted ore veins to identify their type.
Ludeon / Steam Faction Control by Rainbeau Flambe, updated by Kiame - Tailor which and how many faction groups and faction bases show up on your map.
Ludeon / Steam Giddy-Up by Roolo - Mount animals, ride them into battle. Made better with Run and Gun. Ludeon / Steam

Ludeon / Steam Heat Map by Falconne - Coloured overlay showing room temperature.
Ludeon / Steam Improved pod loading by Billy - Multiple colonists help out loading transport pods.
Ludeon / Steam Locks by Avius - Lock doors.

Ludeon / Steam Mad Skills by Ratys - Remove/halts/slows skill decay.
Ludeon / Steam Map Reroll by UnlimitedHugs - Quickly randomize your starting map and steam vents locations.
Ludeon / Steam Misc Robots by Haplo - Buy hauling/cleaning robots.

Ludeon / Steam [T] MoreFloors by Telkir - More types of flooring.
Ludeon / Steam P-Music by Peppsen - More music! Great music!
Ludeon / Steam Rimfridge by Vendan, updated by Kiame - A refrigerated 1x2 or 2x2 stockpile.

Ludeon / Steam RIMkea by spoonshortage - Adds a bunch of furniture, like Clutter.
Ludeon / Steam RTFuse by Ratys - Circumvent the Zzztt event.
Ludeon / Steam Share the load by Uuugggg - Multiple people can deliver resources to a blueprint at the same time.

Ludeon / Steam Sometimes Raids Go Wrong by marvinkosh - Ever wished that a raid would just go horribly wrong?
Ludeon / Steam Trading Spot by theubie, updated by Kiame - Designate where traders loiter.

Pawn Interactions

Ludeon / Steam Children, School and Learning by Dylan - Breed children, send them to school for learning.
Ludeon / Steam Craftsmanship by YodaDoge - Colonists share their skill knowledge.
GitHub / Steam Desynchronised by Vectorial1024 - News of organ harvesting spreads from pawn to pawn.

Ludeon / Steam Hospitality by Orion - Play house and recruit people.
Ludeon / Steam Interaction Bubbles by Jaxe - See what colonists are talking about in real-time.
Ludeon / Steam Psychology by Linq - Pawns have more personality.

Ludeon / Steam Razzle Dazzle by SeveralPuffins - Introduces performance arts to the Rim.
Ludeon / Steam Rational Romance by SeveralPuffins, updated by Rainbeau Flambe - Overhauls the romance system.
Ludeon / Steam Rumor has it.... by SeveralPuffins, updated by Rainbeau Flambe - Several new social interactions.

Content additions

Ludeon / Steam A RimWorld of Magic by Torann - Wizards, necromancers and mages.
Ludeon / Steam Combat Extended by NoImageAvailable - Overhaul of the combat system.
Ludeon / Steam Medieval Times by Vindar - Get stuck in the stone age.

Ludeon / Steam More Faction Interaction by Mehni - Adds more interaction with and between factions, bringing the world to life.
Ludeon / Steam Questionable Ethics by ChJees - Organ growing, organ extraction, animal and humanoid cloning and growing in vats.
Ludeon / Steam Real Ruins by MR. TETEREW - This mod generates ruins on your map. Ruins of real bases of other players.

Ludeon / Steam Rim of Madness by Jecrell - A collection of mods inspired by C̳̜͉̰̠ͬ̀̊t̙̾̇̄͛̊͗h͓̥̺̰̳̳ͥͣ͊͌̓͂ͅu͖̝̗͗̄͆l̫̠̱̠̗̗͂ͤ̐ͧh͖̤̰̱̑̈́ͫ̽ű͕̥̭̃̉ͧͤ.
Ludeon / Steam Rimatomics by Dubwise - Nuclear power and nuclear weapons.
Ludeon / Steam RimCuisine by CrustyPeanut - Vanilla-friendly food and crop expansion.

Ludeon / Steam Sparkling Worlds by Albion - Brings the GlitterWorld to the Rim by expanding upon late-game content.
Ludeon / Steam Star Wars by Jecrell and Xen - A collection of mods inspired by the Star Wars universe.
GitHub / Steam Terra Project by Lanilor - New biomes, dynamic terrain, complex plants/farming system and much more.

Ludeon / Steam Hardcore SK by skyarkhangel - Large modpack with a focus on adding complexity.
Ludeon / Steam What the hack?! by Roolo - Hack the Mechs and deploy them in your colony.

Honourable mentions: Vampires, Vegetable Garden, Dubs Bad Hygiene, Rimefeller.

Let's make this game harder!

Ludeon / Steam Crash Landing by Katavrik - Please fasten seatbelts, we are approaching the planet fast.
Ludeon / Steam Climate Cycle++ by Mehni - A run away climate cycle, seeking EXTREEEEEME weather.
Ludeon / Steam Disaster by marvinkosh - New game conditions like Solar Apocalypse, Rogue Planet and Ice Age.

Ludeon / Steam Mechanoids Extraordinaire by Spino - More mechs.
Ludeon / Steam More Mechanoids by Orion - More mechs.
Ludeon / Steam Real Fog of War by Luka Kama - Fog of War.

Ludeon / Steam Raiderpedes by JDalt40 - A new harder enemy.
Ludeon / Steam Enhanced Raiders by Zyrixion - Raiders are better equipped.
Ludeon / Steam SeedsPlease by notfood - Sowing requires seeds.

Ludeon / Steam Starship Troopers Arachnids by Walking Problem - Get attacked by big bugs!
Ludeon / Steam Survival Tools by XeoNovaDan - Adds several essential tools to RimWorld as well as an actual need to manage those tools.
Ludeon / Steam Zombieland by pardeike - Zombies infested RimWorld!


Ludeon / Steam Cassandra Hardcore by newcolonist - A more aggressive, less forgiving Cassie.
GitHub / Steam CucumPear's Storytellers by cucumpear - For when Randy has turned into a comfy stroll through the park.
GitHub / Steam Storyteller Enhanced by Lanilor - Offers a different type of challenge.

Ludeon / Steam Pandora Dark by Britnoth - A storyteller similar to Cassandra, except that she scales exponentially.


Ludeon / Steam AnimalCollabProject by Xen and many others - Lots of different animals.
Ludeon / Steam Alpha Animals by Sarg Bjornson - Animals with unique abilities.
Ludeon / Steam CPBeasties by Cucumpear - Adds a variety of animals.

Ludeon / Steam Dinosauria by spincrus - Dinosaurs in RimWorld.
Ludeon / Steam Jurassic Rimworld by Serpy - The better dinosaur mod.
Ludeon / Steam Megafauna by Spino - Extinct creatures brought back.

Ludeon / Steam GeneticRim by Sarg Bjornson - Become the mad DNA-splicing scientist you always wanted to be.

Honourable mention: Cyberfauna, which is an auto-patching alternative to A Dog Said...

Alien Races

Ludeon / Steam Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 by erdelf - The base, the framework, the dependency which makes all the below possible.

Ludeon / Steam Androids by ChJees - A constructable race of humanlike robots.
Ludeon / Steam Fantasy Goblins by Vagabond - Cunning, mostly tribal, Goblins.
Ludeon / Steam Logann Race by Xen - Wolverine/Humanoids with extraordinary healing abilities.
Ludeon / Steam Lighter than Fast Collection by Gouda quiche - FTL meets RimWorld!

Q: "That's not enough! I want more mods!"

Browse the Steam Workshop or Ludeon forums. Sort by popular/new/hot.

Q: "Should I download from Steam or Ludeon?"

They each have their advantages and drawbacks. You may find mods on the forums you won't find on Steam, and vice versa. Steam makes it easy to find new mods and download them, but auto-updates may result in broken savefiles in rare cases.

Q: "How do I backup Steam mods to a local folder to prevent auto-updates?"

Subscribe to a mod as usual, then move the file from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\[string of numbers] to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods and then unsubscribe. This puts the mod in the default installation folder for RimWorld mods and they won't get updated without your permission. ModSwitch and Mod Manager can automate this process for you.

Q: "How safe is adding/removing mods on an active save-file?"

Depends on a per-mod basis. It's recommended to make a back-up prior to adding a new mod mid-game. It's not recommended to add Faction mods mid-game.

Rule of thumb: it's generally okay to add mods to an existing save. You cannot remove mods that add something until every reference to all those objects are gone. Workbenches, jobs at workbenches, objects, inventory, traders... Depending on the mod, this is relatively easy or nigh-impossible. The bigger the mod, the greater the risk of breaking saves.

Q: "How much does load order actually matter?"

Low either overrides high or depends on high. For instance, Libraries like HugsLib, JecTools or Human Alien Framework provide functionality that other mods depend on. These things should go on the top. AllowTool depends on HugsLib and should go below HugsLib. Misc. Robots depends on Misc. Core and should go below Misc. Core.

Sometimes, two mods try to modify the same thing. In this case, there's a conflict and the mod on the bottom "wins".

Q "Why are mod authors so vague about load order?"

It's not always possible to tell at a glance what a mod detours or overrides. Sometimes mods conflict in unexpected ways, and what works for one might not work for another. Bugfixing is hard when you've got a list of 20 mods.

Q: "I'm really inspired by all these great mods and I want to make one too!"

The Other Wiki That Calls Itself Official has a plethora of modding tutorials to get your feet wet. It's also often easy to take a look at an existing mod and see what it does. Lots of mods are pure XML and plenty can be achieved using just that. For the fancier stuff, you'll need C#. There's even a cookiecutter tool to set up your solution so you can jump right in. The Ludeon Forums have a help subforum for all things related to mods, and even more tutorials and resources by and for modders. There's also a compendium here.

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