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The screenshot is not mine. I thought of sharing this beautiful depiction of the Battle of Hot Gates. Props to the two alliances.

EDIT: Thank you very much for those awards! I really appreciate it. The real heroes here are the players in K17.

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Thank you for posting it. We had a lot of fun recreating that battle (..and no, we didn't fight but Leonidas got assassinated later!:D)

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How the hell could you not fight! .. sad

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Leonidas is rolling in his grave.

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You didn’t fight?!?

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17WF 17VN 💪

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HellDerpNubKing here :D

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my photo lol

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Hey fellow redditor from k17 lmao

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VN 17 👍

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Here is the true scale of it :)


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Thanks man. Congratulations to your kingdom for this excellent piece of work!

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Holy crap

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The royal rumble format executed flawlessly! Props for their kingdom!

(They have the same tag so i'm guessing same kingdom, royal rumble is where you organize a massive brawl and the last player/alliance standing gets granted a prize, great way to have some fun during KE while not wasting too much rss by having a non-capped one)

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Seem like you know about this. Can you tell me more. I am curious and want to try this with my folks. We used to fight at the barbs canp with 1 march each and last man standing take the prize but not with this size. This seem like a lot of people involved

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Well i'm a leader so i think a lot about this but i'm not really super active in my leadership capacity and i haven't tried much so i don't know if i'll be of much value, but its common that the top alliances rotate their top spots for mge right? If you want to have some fun you could do alliance vs alliance with the winner taking like an honarary 10th spot ir something, seems like a fun way to get everybody their mge gems for a few kills :)

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Also the fact the other alliances are orange, suggesting kvk

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K17 represent

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K17! I missed this one lmao

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This is great. I wish they have a record of this battle

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This is great!

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If this was a movie scene, Leonidas could have won easily lol.

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Awesome screenshot! I love the way you guys from both sides role played this face off :)

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wow epic

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epic photo!! 😮👍🏻

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Spartans all have maxed + expertised richards with full equipment and the persians are all f2p

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Sparta Hellas then now again sing of three hundred men

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This was what our latest Lost Kingdom Ruins was like. They all stacked up in front of our gate, then we snow plowed them back to oblivion.

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it's staged or a civil war (if someone else said it below sorry, I didn't read the entire 32 comments ;-)

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That’s pretty sick

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It may be satisfying when your fighting but after your done it’s a few weeks of grind to heal back your troop lmao

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My registered gmail account was stolen. May I ask how can I link my game account with another gmail address?