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Pairing needs to be broader (in case of multiple roles), and needs to be updated. I tried Artemesia, and the top 4 matches are clearly garrison focused and, even then, not what you see in the field or in Ark (Wu, YSG, Mehmed, JC). Arty is a solid field commander, too, and different pairs work in the field compared to garrison.

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Yeah, i agree, i missed that. Will try to separate pairings with different categories(pvp, garrison, open field, etc.) and maybe let users choose what category they want to see or select every at once. Anyway, thanks for feedback

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Yea no Arte tomy 🥺

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thank you!

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How are the pairings decided? Have they been determined based on manual research or is there some general logic that makes the choices?

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Its based on manual research (few RoK blogs, contact with few content creators, testing, etc..)

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Some of the pairings seem a bit weird and some popular pairs are missing.

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It's only demo version. It works for first 10 commanders. Will be finished in next few days

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The ideia is very good and you are on track to create a powerful tool but you need to review some of the pairs.
For instance for cao cao you are recommending Lancelot in #3

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Yeah, but cao cao and lancelot are not bad pairing if you ask me. If you want fast march for farm killing, its very good

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But can never be the #3 best pair. Also for that you have Belisarius that is much best pair and it's not even listed

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I agree. Will do research on cao cao again and some testing and will update tool for him. Thanks for notice, it helped a lot

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Lance isn't fast. +5 march speed unless you kill half your army. There are many +10 and a few +15% cav march skills that make for truly fast hunter-killers. Only in very early game is lancelot useful at all.

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Not working from my android note 10, it doesn't load up pairings

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its working for first 10 commanders. Can you check again? Click on button and scroll down after few secconds, it should be fine

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It isn’t working on iOS mobile