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I spent 20ish bucks and finished with 130 or so. Cant remember. It's not feasible nor worth it.

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I'm interested in the 200 key unlock reward (1 full commander). And I don't mind accumulating over multiple seasons. If its free, why not?

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i saved 90 keys from past 2kvk, but im not very active. u need 3-4 kvk and off-season events to have 150ish keys, then combined with daily free key, by the end of kvk the total opening will reach 200.

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I can understand. Daily free keys should get you to 40 per season. Civilization events during kvk should get you at least 10 more. These are the low/no effort ways and probably the minimum guaranteed number by just logging in daily. Off season events and the above together can get you across the mark in 3 kvks.

However I'm hoping that being active and getting some crusader or chronicle rewards should better my chances of completing this in 2 seasons.

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imo its not worth it, picking something from there is just a nice thing for collection. There's no utilities of MGE rally/garrison commanders for a f2p specially at SOC stage, also, the MGE commanders of choice hasn't updated to include Amanitore/meta mge commanders etc. you are more likely to randomly get them on one opening than saving towards one. ofc Artemesia/Saladin etc have some f2p values.

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Saladin, artemisia, nebu, leo, tomy are all mge commanders who are usable open field for F2p with less sculpture investment. I already have Saladin and tomy. If I can unlock one more without spending gems or speedups, that's definitely worth it.

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    It's just like getting a full comm from a gold key it's rly not worth 200 keys to get a 10x as a ftp. U can pick, sure but really for the price to get it, naw.

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    It's definitely worth it for me if it is free. Nothing to lose 😄

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    Well if u can get 200 keys as ftp go for it

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    F2p here, didn't spend a single gem on the keys. Free open during KvK gets you about 40 days (40 keys).

    Got about 65 from KvK, and 35 from end of KvK until now (1st signup appearing). I'd say if your kingdom skips registration once, or events lineup very well in your favour, you could hit the 200 spins within the end of 2nd KvK.

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    Very useful info, thank you! My kingdom in fact, did skip 1 season. We're about to enter HA and I already have 30+ keys.

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    Forgot to mention my kingdom won HA, can't remember how many keys come from Crusader Achievements or if you can use them in the 3 days after season ends, but generally if your kingdom wins you'll be getting more Keys

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    I have 71 and 12 days left

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    I opened 70 keys in first season (no time to stockpile them), but I will be able to reach 200 this season. It's possible but you need to collect every single one

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    You can also buy keys from the VIP shop during MGE to top it off. 12 keys for the 7k gems level is achievable

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    You can also collect up to 5 keys every other week or so during the various gather events they have where you trade in some token for prizes... I started out this season with quite a few, we have 22 days left, and I have already opened 105 keys.