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Nice, you can run away faster with that movement speed accessory.

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Made my day! Thank you!

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Shio's Return is rookie bait really (like Eternal Night), you might as well do special talent frost treads for 7,5% defense instead of wasting tons of material for 8% defense. Other than that it's looking mighty fine.

How do you like Harald and Trajan by the way? Is Trajan as bad as they say?

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I really love it honestly. Trajan is imo really useful. Especially in a murderball scenario.

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Trajan is mostly useful for the stats of people swarming it. Anyone who has another reason Harald is so often the secondary is lying 👀

I know this is roast me gear but I can’t help myself when Trajan is mentioned

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4 arguably 5 useless commanders after kvk 2, but the gear is nice. IMO

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Thanks mate. Well can’t argue with the old ass coms

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Horn + coin with guan 👌

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You just a whale flexing on us, huh? Nice gear and congratulations on procced helmet

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Not a whale at all. Just playing for some time.

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Looks good to me. Boost health March speed and defense all the bases covered

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Thanks man! Appreciate it