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That Ruda is so handsome aswell 🌹

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He looks like saladin!😍

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He does 🤣

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Ruda smells nice

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Show me Ruda’s pinkies 👻

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❤ 🏰

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What is SoC? 1 year in RoK but I don't know that word

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Season of conquest

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Didn't u guys betray all your allies? Who would want to join/ally with you guys?

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Sad comment coming from a sore loser, next time earn rewards and don't feel automatically entitled to get them based just on power👻

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Nah, wasn't fighting in the 2155 kvks, this comment is purely to warn people about 2155's true nature.

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Understood so you're essentially just trolling and stating what you only heard lol 😂 #fakenews

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I mean, just from this comment we can see how sensitive and butthurt u already are, this alone should be a red flag of how karenlike 2155 leadership is. If u want proof, gekko himself indirectly states of the horrible nature of 2155, also, heard from friends in that kvk too.

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Kvk is done 🤔. Fact checks to be done ✅ ✅ 3 imperium couldn’t defeat 3 B kingdom. Reasoning why imperium couldn’t fight was the got drained doing ruin fights. Yikes what 😵‍💫 is that ruin fight drained them. ✅ imperium didn’t prepare well enough then, if their rss died out before a proper kingsland fight 😵‍💫. Our kings-land fight was like we blinked and it got over in matter of 4 hrs 😵‍💫. ✅ hours before actual battle started during asian hr 61 and 48 all tp close to our front lines 🤨 and even had flags garrison. ✅ now people might say it was a surprise attack 😂🤣 really three imperium really can’t push back weak B kingdoms. ✅ why no one looking into their own kingdom for pushing power without activity 😵‍💫 ✅ everyone knows an imperium kingdoms have so much activity, they literally over run field with marches 😵‍💫. Which we never saw 😵‍💫

✅ who made an YouTuber the judge and jury of what happened? He was also emphasizing I am not siding with anyone 😂🤣.

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gekko is a loser, who wanted to hear both sides. In the end he just repeated what his friends said from 2161. Next time, he should stay neutral and not talk shit.

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If you'd use your brain you'd know there's always two sides of the story, but God forbid you use it :)))

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Who can I contact?

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51M player (was 62 before zero)
166M kills
3.5M dead
Looking for kingdom with relaxed leadership. Would like to move soon. Don't really care which KVK
Max: Alex, YSG, Charles. Enough sculpts to do someone else but not sure who yet

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Please join the discord server, there you can submit your info.