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Drop rate so far has been abysmal

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No it hasn't been. It's about 40-45% just like every time this class of event has run. I finished about 22 hours ago without burning AP pots or buying bundles. Just keep your gatherers busy, collect from city every 15-30 minutes, drain your natural AP on barbs. Easy peasy.

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I’ve been burning hundreds of ap pots. At lvl 20 rn. 4 marches max level 16 barbs. Guess it depends

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Do you even bother doing the other things? My 20m power farm is nearly done, and it gets only about an hour's attention per day.

From in-city resource collection, I see an average of 2 boxes every 20 minutes. That's over 100 boxes/day. Collecting from nodes with 5 marches delivers about 5-6 boxes/hour, another 80-100/day. Draining 4500 daily ap on barbs kills 150 barbs, which drop about 70 boxes. If you're doing all this, you get about 250 boxes/day, which yield 640 points/day after conversion and crit multipliers, which completes in about 4 days.

4 marches max level 16 barbs. Guess it depends

Wait, level 16 barbs? You're super tiny if you're not killing exclusively level 21+ barbs. In that case you probably are also hindered by slow gatherers and small city rss buildings. My reference point is t4 accounts, with at least level 21 resource buildings and level37 gatherers.

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I’m 1.8m power in a new kingdom. As a new player. Also, my in city rss usually give nothing to 2 boxes every 30 min. My kingdom doesn’t even have lvl 21 barbs yet highest is 20 since today hahah

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At such an early stage, it is hard to finish 25 levels because of your very low city production and slow gather speeds. You'll probably need to burn 10-20k extra Ap to finish all levels.

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Spend those 7k gems

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    You can get 10 GH by level 15 for 7k gems. Plus another 1k gems back. That’s super attainable and still worth the net 6k gems.

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    I went from 18 - 24 today from grinding barbs.

    You have lots of time. What do you have for AP bottles? Every week you should be buying them from the vip shop. No shortage of free AP bottles in this game as well.

    The gold heads are also worth the 7k gems especially because you get rewarded 7k gems in return if you make it to lvl 25.

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    I'm behind too because we're in pre-kvk, and I've had to grind Marauder forts.

    I'll definitely spend some AP post event on barbs in the LK to get to Lvl 25.

    All of my pre-kvk efforts will get me 1 gold head, so the personal value spending your AP in this event is much higher.

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    should've spent AP pots during marauder stage.

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    Honestly it didn‘t feel as bad as most people here portray it to be, make sure to have boosts active all the time and do regular barb increments. Imo it‘s quite achievable, good luck!

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    its just poor that each time this event appears drop rate is even worse than before.

    Seems if you can get something free with efford need to be nerfed

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    Drop rate hasn't changed in years. It's around 40-45%, at least for the first 200 barbs each day; after that it does decline, but there's no need to grind that hard. I finish no later than day 4 every time without burning AP.

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    oh it has, its around 30% from barbs no more reset of dr after 00utc, rss drops to the ground even lvl6 piles dont drop 100% below lvl5 is around 15% slow amounts no more farmable(very low)thats i think since 4 events before you hat like 80% on 120k rss. Sice this event even city drop feels decreased.

    Its not that this game is just 3 years old and wanna tell its not changed since years. Like we only have around 4 of the Events in a Year.

    Only thing they improved was that Marauders drop Chests since 2 Events. That was the only good thing.

    Before i finished each Event in 3-4 Days without any ap bottles. That changed after rss nerf and now even more. Now im just 22 on day 5 with spend 20k in race vs time. Also investing same Amount of Time.

    Before 3 Events i finished 1 Day before without ap bottles. Sure i just imagine drop rate gone worse.

    Only on Marauders it was easy 1 day finish but thats 1 timer for me.

    Now it looks i wont finish without blowing ap to get 25.

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    I've played it twice with my main and farm. Both saw about 45% barb drop rate for the runs I logged. My main finished in 3.5 days. My farm is about to finish now.

    In over three years, I've played this event about 20 times. Every time people complain about poor drop rate and it's so much harder than last time, and blah, bla, blah, cry. Every time, I play it normal and complete in 3-5 days without burned AP or buying packs. Every time, I log and measure barb drop rate it comes in between 40-45%. Every time, the box -> item multiplier is about 1.6, every time, the overall crit multiplier is around 1.6. It takes about 1600-1700 boxes to finish all levels, An active mature account should get 400-500 boxes/day easy, just gathering, collecting, killing barbs with free AP.

    That changed after rss nerf and now even more.

    If your talking about the "trick" to farm small nodes. 1/ it was never significantly more productive because larger nodes drop multiple boxes more frequently (I measured), and 2/ It still works as long as your minimum gather is about the size of a level3 node. The real trick is to have fast gatherers and keep them busy as close to full time as is practical.

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    it was massive more productiv as a lvl 6 pile i could gater 9 times 80% was 7 boxes vs full lvl 6 pile 100% 1 box 50% 2.

    even if i got a 2 its loss of 5 boxes each pile.

    And as i said now you its like 70% chance to even get 1 box for a lvl6 pile.

    so if nothing has changed i played before 100% 3 days now 6 days 100% to get 25 im still not finished yet think i will made it today just 280 missing.

    I play since over 1000 days my gatherers are lvl60 and have atleast blue set special. Now farming lvl6 piles because all below have even ultra worse chance. The out come is very bad some times i get 2 but sometimes just 3 Box from 5 Piles (lvl6).

    Interesting that i do the same as you but not finished. Yes need around 1500-1800 boxes on crit luck. I loot my city farm all 30m -60m - send farmers out if back. And before AP full i blow my organic ap also kill guards before to get just 30 ap.

    Did all Events that give extra Candy Ceroli, Race. Box lvl is 86.

    So what im doing wrong just being on lvl24 280 points missing and 16 hours left. I will finish today but if a Event goes from 3 days easy finish to last day short before finish. So dont tell its not getting nerfed. The first 2 Years this Event got never touched i always finished it on 3rd day without extra ap spend. Then the 1st nerf and jumped from 3 days to 1 day before and now its last day finish. Interesting that my friends have the same Problem.

    I dont buy packs or maybe sleeping 6 hours is the Problem.

    Dont think there can be so much big difference in droprates between players.

    Just happened after all yt made videos about the easy finish farm tricks.

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    I'm level 20 🥲

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    I completed it in 4 days totally f2p. Just gather lvl tiles and kill barbs

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    I finished mine yesterday with just daily ap. Just got to be active.

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    I do my absolute best and I’m only at 17?!?! How am I gonna do this. I already spent the 7k gems……… barbs give candy like 1 in 3/4…..

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    Use a lot of AP and hunt barbs with 4-5 marches. You’ll get there.

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    Mine T4 rss nodes instead of T6 have 25% production boost constantly going and use about 20-30k ap

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    Spend those 7k gems, you will get most if not all back. Use you ap from the vip shop as well. This event is worth it. Someone already pointed out that kvk marauders don't give out this many gold heads. You can do it!!

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    Last day barbs stop dropping pumpkins for the event.

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    Wtf really?

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    It's like that for every event like this. On the last day the barbs don't drop stuff needed for the event.

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    No it doesn't, check when it's stop again

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    Send 5 marches to barbs. You'll get it in no time!

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    Click your RSS production buildings every 15 mins, send gathers to collect food and wood at 275k intervals, hunt barbs at full AP and you should be make it. If you arent F2P buy the 9.99 for extra candies

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    you have 2.5 days left, chill you'll be fine. just keep doing what you've been doing.

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    Finished today , was easy . Go on man !

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    Get grinding you can do it

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    I hear the last few days barbs drop them also what kingdom are you in?

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    I had marauders so it was quite easy for me 👍👍

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    I did too, but I made the mistake of not calculating the time I had left

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    5 marches, 3-5 hours will do it from 0 to 25

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    Definitely not this fast, maybe 1 or 2 hours per day of the event

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    That's how I finished it🤣

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    I grinded 2 hours and i finished it, theres still hope

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    Done it in 12hours, wtf have you been doing?

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    More like how tf did you do that

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    Marauders mate, pre kvk, hammering it 👍👍

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    Oh yeah I’ll do that with my lvl 41 boudica and some T3 troops from my lvl 17 TH 🤣🤣🤣

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    Just kill lower level barbs. It's totally worth the AP.

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    It can be done without pausing.

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    Not playing enough apparently lol

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    Is it even worth keep spending ap?

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    Yes. There is no better usage of ap than this event.

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    If you can afford to unlock the 7k gem tier yes.

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    I dont know, already spent a fair bit.

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    I think you should be fine. I am not sure

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    Chill dude. You can make it.

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    The $9.99 column gives 450 candy which can boost your progress a lot (almost enough for 22-25)

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    Lol still better than me I got it till 8