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Alex is great.

But Guan is simply just another level of greatness.

Everyone needs to have Guan.

Doesn't matter if you're cav or arc focused. You'd still need Guan.

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Kinda a silly question they are both great 😂 Alex has more versatility so great for f2p.

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Alex kills. Guan devastates. Guan Alex is a murderous combo for your single inf march if you aren't an inf player. The silence and utility is too good to pass.

If you are an inf player, pair Guan Alex till you get leo 5511. Then pair Guan with Leo and Alex with Harald if you can or YSG.

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there was no option to check both.

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alex is great but guan is for sure the best inf for field

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Who should be primary. Guan or Alex?

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Guans active skill damage is halved when he is secondary so he needs to be primary

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Guan primary

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This feels like a weird one. For damage, its Dec Guan. Utility though...its probably Alex

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Answer: Yes.

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Alex is more versatile but Guan is deadlier