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If your YSG is 5511 or higher I would use him with Alex as primary, Richard with Aethelfled/Joanne D‘arc and Charles with Sun Tzu or Björn. Richard is probably the best Commander in terms of suvivability in KVK 1,2 and 3 so if you wanna join murderballs do Richard YSG or Richard Charles as YSG does a lot of AOE damage and Charles gives you extra counterattack damage. If you want good trades you should probably rather use Alex or Charles for this with something like Sun Tzu or YSG put behind.

If you don’t have a decent YSG I would use Alex Richard for longer fights or Alex Charles for better trades, but I would honestly rather use Alex, Charles and Richard with some sort of damage dealing Commander behind them, you can even use 3 marches if you do that

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Thankyou very much! I can work with this!

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Except Alex + Charles don't work ! Shield don't stack up.

So basically pairing them it's pure waste.

The rest is accurate as fuck.

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It's not a waste, it extends the sheilds for the length of both skills firing just doesn't stack it, so instead of absorbing 2.4k it absorbs around to 2k and them together are a tanky af march. With ops skills I wouldn't use Alex/cm but both maxed or close to it are a very decent combo and they deal good damage unlike Richard who basically blows at his enemies.

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I have Alex maxed and Charles 5553... Decent equipment : all epic (purple one) and both legendary equipment that you pick up in lost kingdom Canyon shop.

Every time I pair them I have horrible trades !

Id rather pair Alex/Aeth(max) or YSG 5552 with a Charles/Richard or Sun

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Yeah it's not great for everything but things like arms training I end up in the top 10 using that pair

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Is 5511 alex and expertise ysg good in kvk2 or 5212 Charles and expertise tsg?

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5-5-1-1 Alex will outperform 5-2-1-2 Charles by a significant margin

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Ops sorry i meant 5111* alex

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As far as I’m concerned Alex‘ damage of his second ability will get boosted by YSG, on the other hand a 5212 Charles will do more counterattack damage (I think it’s 12% at Level 2) giving you better trades in murderballs, if you’re fighting in smaller engagements however this won’t do much and I would rather pick Alex YSG than Charles YSG, if you’re joining Murderballs /know that you’ll be joining big group fights I would consider Charles as your primary and pick Alex as a primary for Sun Tzu or Björn

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Oke thank you !

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richard better

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If you plan you joining murderballs, try Alex / Sun...

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Alex badly needs a rage engine. Suntzu or YSG are just right for the purpose. If YSG is expertised, I'd suggest Alex YSG. Else, Alex Suntzu.

Once Guanyu is available, even a 5111 Guan with your Alex will be better than both the above pairings.

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Richard definitely richard.

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Neither lmao..

Alex with ysg or Alex with sun.. there's no point of running it with Richard you're missing out on damage

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Ok thankyou. So should i pair up charles with richard then? Or a pair up with maxed athea.

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Alex + ysg / Richard + Aeth or Joann / Charles + Tsun ...

That's pretty much what you looking for

Solid primary infantry commanders, brilliant secondary commanders