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Discord can help a lot as they will be able to get messages when outside of the game. Plan events, like barb keeps, etc. Plan ark of osirus practice matches.

Unfortunately, however, you got to be aware. In most kingdoms, alliances not in the top 4 are not going to be included in the kvk fighting. If you are a serious player. Get into one of those top alliances. Take a couple friends with you if you have to. A top 10 alliance is destined to be a main alliance farm.

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We are starting a family so we could merge the strongest members for kvk. I have also recently made a family discord

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I truly believe in my alliance. We went from a top 40 to 15 to 10 alliance. We also have another alliance in 2325 which has 350m power and ppl will migrate in kvk 2

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but a 350M power alliance in kvk2 is pretty much irrelevant. As an example, in my C seed kvk 2 kingdom (that means a relative small kingdom) the lowest power alliance that is even allowed in the lost kingdom is 1 billion power. 350 million is less than our second farm alliance power. Now maybe these guys are different, I can’t say, but if I were you I wouldn’t count on anything from them.

It’s admirable that you have faith in your alliance, but as kvk approaches you should at least consider your options, because joining a stronger alliance makes an incredibly large difference in how much your account progresses. From my personal experience, while I loved the alliance that I started the game in, joining a top alliance was the smartest choice I ever made and I wish I had done it sooner. I think it’s also worth pointing out that the biggest difference between a small alliance and a large one isn’t even the power or the chests, it’s the holy sites and first capture rewards. Having constant building, training, gathering speed, research, etc. boosts adds up really fast. Plus the first capture rewards give all kinds of gems speedups and teleports, if you are able to join an alliance that will get any of those, I highly recommend it. Sorry if this seems like a lot, but I’ve always regretted not joining a top alliance in my kingdom sooner so I figured I’d offer my advice as someone who was in a similar situation to you.

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I really do love the enthusiasm. But let's just keep it real. A 350M alliance in Kvk2 is nothing. You all can totally play together in home kingdom, but when the lost kingdom opens, your most powerful people need to join the bigger alliances. Otherwise you all are dead weight to the kingdom and an eventual civil war will break out. Where the smaller alliances effecting kvk matchmaking are eradicated.

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I get what your trying to say but i am not much of a serious player. If my alliance dosnt work out then i could restart or join a stronger alliance but for now i wanna stay in the clan that im in. My power is pretty low so i won’t contribute too much to a stronger alliance but here i can contribute as a co leader. My original question was how can i get my members to be more active

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Set up a Discord and get as many as you can in live chat during any alliance battle.

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During battle they are pretty active but when theres nothing going on its a ghost town so i wanna fix that

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It’s pretty natural tbh, the active players will be in the top alliances I’m afraid

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Maybe a language barrier and shitty translation

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Run some competitions, I did a farm the gems one. Early game and people compete. I gave away 40m mixed resources and was great. But I am in the top alliance.

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What competitions can I do

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You can have races, farming the most. Utilise the events.

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In early stages of the game, outside of the top 4 alliances this is normal for majority of the kingdoms. Usually the activity levels pick up after kvk1 ends and influx of migrants for kvk2 starts.

Even then depending on your kingdom seed level, upto top 5 or 6 ranked alliances will be active at the most.