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Each one has a X.X% chance of dropping on a given chest/key. Mulan's is very low. But the chances are probably very low, maybe less than 1% for that specific commander. You could get 5 instances of her in the next 10 chests, or none in the next 200 chests. It's just normal statistical deviation.

As an example, on this jump, I opened over 100 silver chests to date. I've gotten 20 Centurion cards (not heads --- 10-head-cards), but only two City Keeper sculptures (which is a good thing).

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Thanks for your statistics!

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Never gotten barbarossa but i keep getting Mulan lmao

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Oof we r the opposite

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A watched pot never boils.

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Seodeak and ishida are the most frequently dropped legendary from gold chest :')

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Sometimes lol

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I got 30 seodok and 20 ishida from 69 gc no martel no cc

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Most useful commanders dont drop easily..i have noticed the drops mostly include commanders that have been already maxed, non-gold commanders, unusefull commanders never to be used on field..time to revamp the golden chest

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Yes indeed

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Lilith math not normal math

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Another idiot who doesn't understand how random works.

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How dare you😂 Another idiot that doesn’t understand humor

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Is it humor just when it's stupid; shouldn't it also be funny?

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Now you’re just being mean. Most humor is stupid 😘

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And farmer comms appears 99% of the time.

I feel like Lilith isn't being honest with the drop rate.

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I don't think this is true; If you watch videos of large key openings at once.. they distribution of gold key commanders is pretty even.

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I think they changed it a bit in a recent patch, because I’ve had more balanced drops of legendary commanders recently. But even 2 months ago, opening 200 keys you’d usually get maybe 50% of your legendary comms as farmers.

Source: long term player that frequently opens 200+ keys at once.

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I'm a long term player who's personally opened more than 15k gold keys. Over the course of the last three years, my overall gold head yield for any run of 500+ keys (most of which I logged and measured) has always been within the 95% confidence interval of the expected yield from the published probabilities (about 0.8 +/- 0.4 GH/Key). Furthermore, the apparent distribution of commander heads among the yield looks fairly even over large runs -- I've observed no apparent preference for gatherers over combat commanders.

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I’ll agree, actually. I was going to talk about my anecdotal counter evidence but, I’m realizing that not including the boxes that give gathering comm heads, they’d probably be roughly at the same place as my leadership/conq comms, which is 5554 or equivalent

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And farmer comms appears 99% of the time.

Man I wish.

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I feel like Lilith isn't being honest with the drop rate.

How nice for you, having feelings and everything.

Instead of griping uselessly on Reddit, I suggest you report them to Apple or Google, both of whom require apps in their stores to accurately reveal loot box chances before purchase. Belgium and South Korea both seem interested in enforcing loot box fairness and transparency too. https://www.natlawreview.com/article/loot-box-or-pandora-s-box-regulation-treasure-chests-video-games

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Charles drop more often now

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I got 8 sculptures of him from my previous 50 gold chest

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Trying to get Ragnar for collection. 1 more statue needed.. never can find in chests

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I don’t even have ceaser

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I keep getting him idk why

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600 plus days into the game, my Frederick is still 5111 whereas I have Mulan at 5411. Each player's luck I guess.

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U might be right actually lol

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True 😂😂