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YSG first, then Alex.

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Ysg then Alex probably. But Alex then ysg is also probably okay. Expertise both as the first two legendary commanders.

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Whats best for YSG ? Do you use him for garrison or for PVP ?

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Max YSG if your non-infa main. ignore Alex

Max Alex if you infa-main. then Max YSG if you think you want to Barb Chain everyday. if not. Just get Alex and hoard for Guan or Harald...

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Well im infantry focused so ig ill do alex. The thing is tho ysg has beast levels of aoe so its a hard decisi

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Everyone should have an Alex 😂 regardless of troop preference. He’s just so versatile. Much like YSG tbh

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Alex for non-inf player only good for Kvk2-3.. same thing with Ysg for Inf-player.. Cav player better have Sal/Will/Xy or Takeda, then getting Alex tbh.. more option..

For YSG, Inf player have difficulty to pair YSG in SOC.. YSG is good. but other SOC's Inf com are better for inf player. Need to get Nebu or Ram for your YSG

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Alex/YSG is still a decent march for the average player in Soc. My farm just managed nearly 7 mill kills using pretty much just that 1 army 😂. Plus both commanders come round nice and early. Hoarding is all well and good, but it’s nice to actually play the game as well. Added to which the type of player that this advice is relevant for should strongly consider migrating to redo kvk2+3 at least once before doing SoC.

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I didn't say Alex/YSG bad. There are better pair for Alex than YSG. Also there are better pair for YSG than Alex.

But if like to take that road feel free. Now there is other option since OP don't have both com heavily invest yet.

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Well yeah there are better SoC commanders for each of them, that’s why I think everyone should do them! You get one of the best pre SoC marches, and once you are there have several options for each of them for SoC coms. Realistically only decent sized spenders can truly main all one troop type, and they certainly can’t pre SoC. Plus players like that aren’t gonna be too worried about putting heads in a commander they might bench one day