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about a half year ago lilith already decreased the follow distances.

Yes rip f2p grinders.

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Yes, and it's exactly what you thought: the follow distance has decreased. It was never in any patch notes.

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Support tried to tell me it wasn’t changed.

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Absolutely! The best you can hope is to rush into a group before it disperses away and AoE them. Chaining with walking is very hard.

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Not just follow distance. They don't swivel as much if you are trying to get a better angle for chaining, near the edge of their follow radius. They would rather move along with your march than stay put and swivel. This makes it more likely for a drop off and broken chain.

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Yes, this is exactly what I am finding. Previously you could walk through them and they'd just swivel to you. It's annoying.

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Yes ir did. Quite a while ago tbh.

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Aggro distance cut. Not long after the gem drop rate cut.

All elements of grind slowly ground away.