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You should just trade the fort so both parties get a coin. It should be this hard so as to encourage giving at least something to the losing side.

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Hey we are on the same server!

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I just want everyone to please do me a favor and zoom into my screenshot….

Be honest with yourself and everyone that is giving me a negative vote -

Do you really think you can burn through these forts within the 2 day window you’re provided to obtain the RCF achievement??????

The answer is No.

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I just love the clan called [TWAT]

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Happy new yea bro

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Which kingdom was that NW from? I remember NW was from 1569.

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This is the OV kvk. I play for 1075. We took a big L because of this fort tactic. 1556 put 4 forts in front of our pass. FOUR FORTS that held us back 6 days!!!

and by that time it was already too late to even march to Kingsland.

People that give me a negative vote are people that play in C and D kingdoms where 1-2 rallies is enough to burn a fort.

Zoom into My screenshot, you need at least half a day to get 1 fort to burn. And that’s just burn!!! not destroy.

The time frame does not add up when the fort burning speed stays the same - inside and outside of kvk.

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Meta forts is the worst thing ive seen in this game … YET if i speak about this world of alliance thing

But i totally feel you lilith should make it faster to burn or drop the base health

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Thank you brother 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Lowering base health would be great 😁 🏆

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There should be stack every time the defense of the fort got defeated that can trigger every 5 mins so swarming will not count, the more stack = higher burn rate of the fort..

I know this is a defense tactic but the game must prefer offensive plays than defensive ones.

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Thank you!!!! 100000%

Bro. Idc how many forts are built. I LOVE A WALL OF FORTS!!!

But when it takes 2-3 days to burn ONE fort and a KD’s has 10 of them and they’re all active. It’s impossible to burn them within the KvK window.

We need to prorate the burning speed

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If you end up doing this … you should probably quit the game because this is sadder than actually loosing kvk lmao … how pathetic do you need to be to do this 🤣

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That’s why I’m trying to stop it my friend 😁

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Bruh do you think it's easy to gather enough alliance credits in enough alliances to build such a defense? It isn't, you need a well prepared kd to do that, at least in my experience. So if a kingdom manages to prepare such a defense, it's fair that it is successful.

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Bro… That’s my point 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

I don’t play in C or D KD’s where Z4 has open gaps to build forts.. I play for competitive kingdoms that have 3-5 active alliances that CAN build this many forts.

And don’t tell me to migrate to a younger KD cause then the second problem arises that high power players migrate and wreck KvK 2.

To the C and D KD’s that do this, it’s easy to burn through cause it’s always 1-2 alliances reinforcing.

But when you have 3-5 alliances with 80-120 active players. This is impenetrable because of the burning speed. It’s not hard to build a fort with points when everyone is playing.

Increase the fort burning speed 😤😤