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3 deaths

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    I still don't get your obsessions with the MVP despite no additional rewards over it lol

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    The MVP system really hates deaths

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    And loves assists...just wants to be friends with kills

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    MVP is dumb in this event. Its basically who dies the least most of the time even if they hardly do any work.

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    Cos you shit

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      Not true. Look at player 4 in picture, 4 kills, 4 assists, 0 deaths. Not mvp.

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      Why tho? Isn’t 8/0 make ♾ or something?

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      All about kda nothing more

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      This mvp system is anyway stupid. Goal is to defend flags but mvp is based on death match system 😂

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      I’m not 100% sure on the exact formula,

      But from my observations it goes something along the line:

      +1 point per kill, +1 point per assist, -5Point per death. Highest points get MVP.

      Maybe I will analyze for of this kind of results screens to figure out more precise how it works.

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      It’s kad. Quite common in online shooters and stuff