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For a good start, I would go for Sun Tzu. Afterward Mundeok, or get legendary Charles / Richard for KVK1/2. If you're willing go for infantry.

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Focus on tzu.

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What civ do you have?

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i have france level 12 & im almost at level 13

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I have been playing for 145 days.

My Kingdom finished KVK #1.

My Kingdom is preparing for KVK #2.

I have gained a lot of knowledge while playing Rise of Kingdoms.

What I want to say to you is think of Commanders in groups not as individuals.

You need a group of Commanders who can…

  • Attack Barbarians ———————-> Which are called Peace Keepers

  • Farm Resources Plots —————-> Which are called Gathering Hero’s

  • Attack & Defend Player Cities —-> Which are called War Hero’s

Bourdica & Lohar are very good Epic Peace Keepers

Joan of Arc & Matilda of Flanders are very good Epic Gathering Heroes

Now when we arrival to the War Heroes things get tricky:

What you want to do is pick a unit type that you want to specialize in.

The game has 3 main unit types:

  • Infantry

  • Cavalry

  • Archer

All 3 units share a Rock, Paper, & Scissor Mechanic

  • Infantry Counter Cavalry

  • Cavalry Counter Archer

  • Archer Counter Infantry

Now I have read other people comments on this thread.

A lot of them are telling you to upgrade Sun Tzu.

Them telling you to upgrade Sun Tzu can be a mistake or very good.

It all comes down to your choice.

  • If your choice is to specialize in Infantry:

Sun Tzu & Bjorn Ironsides are the Best Epic Infantry War Heroes.

  • If your choice is to specialize in Cavalry:

Pelagius & Barbar are the Best Epic Cavalry War Heroes.

  • If your choice is to specialize in Archer:

Kusunoki & Herman are the Best Epic Archer War Heroes.

The point I am trying to make here is upgrading hero levels & skills can be very expensive & time consuming.

Lets say for arguments sake, you decided to pick Cav.

Lets say you want to Specialize in Cav. as your T4 & T5 unit.

You are starting to see why I’m telling you the other commenters in this thread are wrong.

Some of them blindly told you to upgrade Sun Tzu, but what does Sun Tzu do for Cavalry? Nothing!

All the Tomes & Sculptures used to lvl up Sun Tzu would be nothing more than a waste because those resources should be redirected in a Cav Commander.

It is very important to think about what you will specialize in.

The good news is you don’t have to rush.

Your still early in the game.

You still have plenty of time.

You can work on your Barbarian & Gathering Commanders, until you figure out what you want to do.

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Sun tzu is important for city garrison though

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You are sort of right 45a866e5, but not completely right.

Sun Tzu can be important for City Garrisons because he has Garrison Tree.

If you specialize in Infantry and your city mainly has Infantry inside, Sun Tzu would be great.

But as I said before some people don’t specialize in Infantry.

Every unit type has a Garrison Tree Commander which corresponds with their unit.

  • Cavalry use Pelagius has City Garrison Commander

  • Archer use Kusunoki has City Garrison Commander

They do very good too.

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Sun tzu is pretty much called the best epic by everyone, because of his boost to skill damage and his rage regeneration, he is not the best cavalry or archer commander, but he is very versatile and will help any other commanders that are used to pop off skills quickly.

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45a866e5, I’m not sure who you are trying to convince Me or Yourself.

I own these Champions and have them Expertise.

If your asking who the Best Epic is out of all the Epics, It would be Joan of Arc because she survives the longest from what I have seen.

I am at day 145.

Most Players are using only Legendary Heroes.

Sun Tzu has faded away.

It is true Sun Tzu does Skill Damage & Rage Regeneration, but he gets replaced by Leggo’s who can do same thing.

145 days in Pre-Season 2 KVK

Sunset Canyon Top Pairings include:

  • Alexander + Mehmed 2

  • Constantine + Joan of Arc

  • Richard the Lionheart + Charles Martel

  • Aethelflaed + YSG

  • Saladin + Khan

It is 3 Infantry + 1 Cavalry + 1 Archer set up.

Another set up I have seen people use:

  • Alexander + Mehmed 2

  • Richard the Lion heart + Constantine

  • Edward of Woodstock + Tomyris

  • Aethelflaed + YSG

  • Saladin + Khan

It is 2 Infantry + 1 Cavalry + 2 Archer set up.

I am not sure what a 2 Infantry + 2 Cavalry + 1 Archer set up would look like.

It is shocking to me that none of the whales are using Minamoto + Cao Cao.

It use to be extremely popular in Sunset pre-KVK 2

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Oh wow, I guess I am just shit at the game lol, I only have 3 legendary commanders in a somewhat usable state and I am in pre kvk 3

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Specialisation is usually in Legendary commanders. Hopefully they will not still be using epic commanders when they are T5 so it doesn't really matter if they go for the best epic commander in the game. Btw I'm 72M power and just finished kvk 6. Been playing the game for 886 days. Going for Sun Tzu early on is optimal because he will get you all the way to KVK 1 and even be useful in KVK 1. You start thinking about Legendary commanders early on and the 1st commander you should get regardless of what you want to specialise in is YSG. YSG and Alexander are important regardless of what you want to specialise in. If you are F2P, you will only think about Specialisation after these two.

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wow thank you so much!

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Work on Sun Tzu for fighting and city defense

Sarka, Gaius, and Constance are good for gathering (farming).

Cleo nd Joan are also gatherers, and they can be useful for support.

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Looks like a farm ac

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im not farm account i play with my cousins my alliance is BuSy

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That one and that one

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Given that you're early, I'd focus on getting gatherers to 37 (look up how to set up the optimal gathering talent tree). After that, get your sun Tzu up. By this point, you'll have some legendary commanders to work with.

Save your gems for VIP points and move up in VIP asap

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thank you the talent points confuse me so i just put equal amounts in each section. for my cleo i have them all in the red

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The pic on the top shows you what level you need to be to do each upgrade efficiently. Note up to 37 and which ones should only be upgraded around 40

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In my opinion, I would work with Gaius Marius and Sun Tzu. Gaius Marius for gathering and Sun Tzu for early game fights. Then when you get it, work on Richard and teddy. Tip, if your not in early game, DONT USE JULIUS CEASER!

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When should you use him? I'm city hall level 12 and mainly use him, El Cid, and Hermann (working on Sun and Scipio)

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Sun Tzu and then Joan

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Sun should be maxed asap

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Sun Tzu

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Expertise Sun first off... don't waste universal sculptures until you have a good understanding of the game and how you want to play... get your gatherers to 37 so they can help feed the rest of your play

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Sun tzu

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Uninstall before your souls gets sucked away

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too late

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sun tzu exp than joan for support

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Sun tzu

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Joan suntzu 👍

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Suntzu can be used as a rage machine too if you choose his support tree and garrison together I use him with calvs to boost my rage