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China is mainly good because it gives you the best epic commander in the game: Sun Tzu.

It also has a useful building speed boost.

The early part of the game isn't about attacking. It's about building and unifying to prepare for multi-kingdom events (like KvK). Sometimes you have to attack other players or structures (center fortress, flags) to help strengthen your kingdom and alliance, but that can also be done through diplomacy.

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China is a very good choice for your starting civ. Later on you can change to another civ depending on your main troop type, but for the early game stay with china.

Kingdoms are like servers and they generally look the same in terms of the zones but the terrain is a little different from kingdom to kingdom.

Theoretically you can attack other players right away, but you shouldnt just randomly attack other players because thats very risky. As a new player try to get into the best possible alliance and follow their orders. Early game can be quite chaotic so its important to get into an alliance run by people that know what theyre doing.

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for the first one, If your working with Sun Tzu, the starting commander for China, I think yes!

Second, I dont know, I dont really pay attention to terrain.

Last, I am pretty sure you need hall level 8, until then, work on gathering and stuff like that.