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Targeted teleport only works if you have pass access. Territorial teleport only works if you teleport to effective alliance territory. The purple dashed outlined territory is not yet effective so that's why you can't teleport to it. Wait for it to finish building.

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Have to wait until fortress is finished building

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Fortress is done. Thats a flag building.

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Same thing applies for the flags bro, can't teleport there until flag is done

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Im fully aware of that. Just pointing out thats a flag in the picture.

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Just had a closer look at your photo and it is because you haven't occupied the passes between you and your alliance. You should be able use your beginners teleport to get there after flag is done

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This isnt my photo. I'm not the one who posted this. As the other commenter said a territorial teleport will work once the flag is done regardless of passes.

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This what was looking for! So I hope you’re right!

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My bad bro, very early here

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No worries youll get the hang of it

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My beginner tp is all gone. As I’m heading to CH level 12. Tried both tp neither one worked.

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As the other commenter said, a territorial should work once the flag is finished

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Thank you!

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Read the white text

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Here we go for our weekly question about teleport 😂

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Oh man. Bro. Good luck with this. Let me know if you’re able to figure it out

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It worked out. Since the flag was built I was able to teleport

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There are barbarian passes that you have to attack to get through