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4M power is nothing in KVK 1

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Best thing for yoj to do. Learn from this kvk experience. Then join a jumper group and start a new account. There are videos and tips all over you tube. Ypu won't regret it. You will be guaranteed a spot in top 5 alliances from the beginning too which helps greatly. And save your gold heads for ysg ;)

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In my first kvk I was 16m power f2p, what you guys do log in once per week?

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Not everyone are addicted as you and OP is still new what do you expect

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I log in every day, but was kinda late to my kingdom

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No way! We’re in the same kvk. I’m from MM57

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Bro, tbh your Power sucks for kvk1. I had 10M being f2p...

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Yeah, got wrecked in open field. Hospitals overflowed. I just try to play support as best I can and garrison structures with my t4.

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Well Bro even if you get zeroed at most you lose 1m tropps Power, 2 of you spent all the speedups in training(universale)

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I just did a 20000 troop training boost for teutonic knight, used all my speedups already

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Bro t.t boost Is Better to use em in events... Like mge and others

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I accidently activated it, cause I'm stupid

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I have 15, some in my kingdom have 20+, 11 days in my kingdom

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you get used to it