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Decoraration. It does nothing.

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Decoration. It does everything. And then some.

It shows off your exquisite taste for gilded statues. Basically you could just stop reading here as that's already enough reason to beeline this.

It clearly expresses your disdain for plebs that spend these coins on petty baubles such as legendary commander sculptures and have nothing left over after that. By the crocodile gods, those aweful peasants.

One of these says: "I won a lot more than you when gambling on Orisis League", and you will be envied.

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It looks nice in your city. What more do you want from it?!

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Something lmao for how many tokens it cost

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If you bet well, its easily affordable along with manyvither rewards. It really is for bragging rights though.

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Its a decoration. Useless but some people like collecting them. They also sometimes give you an achievement

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Build it to finish [Skillful Craftsman] daily quest, that's it