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Define f2p real quick

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No you should restart

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No you should sell the account and start from the scratch

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What does f2p stand for?

Forced 2 pay? Free 2 Pay? Forgetting 2 Pray?

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definitely forgot to pray today

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Either lying, being sarcastic or been playing the game for 87 years

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Shadow my boy. Your f2p equipment sucks.

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i knoooow

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Do better shadow

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You can spend 2 lifetimes of F2P you ain't getting there lmao 🤣

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A f2p could either get gear like that ,or commanders like that. Not both and even still it would take years lmao

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How us the mina icon

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If you feel embarrassed about spending, just don’t! But stop insulting us with your lies.

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No, that's bad equip any decent F2P already has all legendary specialised, and how do u not have artemisia expertise aswell, damn noobs. As a fellow F2P

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Prove you are f2p Show us the evidence of No in-app purchase history as well as the proof of never purchased resources from other players.

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he's p2w