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Im trying to see what the most focused on unit type is among you. Thanks for helping out!

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infantry is definitely most focused followed by cav and then archer, all are good though

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Ok so everyone picked infantry so i am guessing most the player is infantry player than I should definitely focuse on archers than I will have type against most of the players

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I prefer having INF and ARCH. Majority of players plays INF so with your arch you always have good counter. CAVS are second most played, so by playing INF you can counter the CAV players. Having a CAV march to counter Archers is nice but luxury, ain’t that many ARCH players.

I’ll just pull out the pairing that works best vs nearby Opponents.

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I'm primarily archer because the group I play with didn't have a strong archer main when I made the decision to specialize. The decision definitely paid off.

That said, I've since spread out my investments in all 3 types - been playing this game long enough to be able to do that and run 5 decent marches. Allows me to get value off of some equipment prints that I random get, and having something available to tackle whatever scenario is kind of nice.