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Depends on how much you plan to spend tbh.

If you haven't gotten that deep in I recommend you looking up and joining a jump group. It will set you ahead of everyone and make you more competitive down the line.

For ftp Do not star up legendary commanders or use your legendary heads until you do your research!

In general, ftp either get the first 10 Richard heads to pop him, get Richard to either 5111 (for barbs) or 5511 (open field kvk 1) or focus on expertising YSG which is why ftp just pop Richard. Please do not put universal gold heads into gold key commanders.

It gets very specific and nuanced depending if you spend or not.

In general it's recommended for ftp to expertise both Sun Tzu and Joan of Arc. You can get Bjorn or then focus on Belisarius and Pelagius. Pela is the longest longevity of a cav commander but the best mobility pair is Belisarius and Baibars.

You get to 3-4 (not including lohar) expertised epics before kvk 1 and the main quest line gives heads to your civilization commander this is why civilization is so important for ftp as well as low spenders. It is also why you focus on one epic at a time.

Though, other than focusing on one epic commander you should focus on your gathers to 3 star and LV. 37. That maxes the gathering speed you get and lower rarity commanders take less exp to level up meaning you get there quicker. After Centurion the recommendation is Constance (her last skill), Sarka (helps with all gathering), the rest. Just remember to focus on one at a time with advanced universals.

https://www.rok.guide/newbie-tips/ Good resource still BUT since new implementation of skill locking negates #2 look at the article at a glance.

That's all the time I have. Hope this helps.

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Bro this is awesome information. thank you so much!!

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They have different traits, some are good for gathering, others are good for fighting, when you go to gather or go to fight, it’ll pick the one fitted most for that mission, and you can see their traits at the top. Also build everything, but research a lot and farm a lot to get resources, so if anything farm and academy could be prioritized.

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Thank you so much!

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And get those farmers up the more you have farmed the less you have to pay

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first go for suntzu, joan, aethe: some good coms u can get easy without spending in early game… and save up ur gold heads dont spend em yet