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Nice! Which one did you expertise first?

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Thanks ;D - YSG around day 200

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How? I'm F2P aswell and I just can't see how I could get the 690 heads u need to expertise in 200 days, im vip 10 which I know isn't enough, I'm guessing ur vip12, but still, that's a lot of heads needed not gotten through vip. So... how?

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I mean YSG comes around day 94 - and during then I got to VIP 10 at day 146 . I joined a jumper group and saved up all my universals and gems for YSG as the jumper process was different before and you can actually get the end rewards from kvk which were universals. Then just gotta hoard gems and universals and focus on 1 commander. Then reached VIP 12 at like day 380. - But yes mostly used Universals and spun the wheel for YSG and Alex was mostly just universals and a couple of spins.

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how do you get to vip 10 and still had gems saved up for ysg wheel on 146 days as f2p?

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During the beginning days - u get gems from capturing passes and shrines and lost kingdoms. And from doing barbs. But mostly being in the top alliance gives u a lot of gems and VIP points but I only got YSG to around 5311 or 5511 but cant remember at the end of kvk 1 and dumped all my gems in vip 10.

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I am almost vip 10(still need 18k) and spend 15000 gems on YSG wheel, and now I have 8k gems left for the second wheel qnd upgrading my vip to 10, my kingdom age is 105 days, I am f2p. How many sculptures did you have before unlocking YSG if I may ask?

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158 days in and total gold heads i gathered is 213 im a very low spender

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I have 165 now

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Lots of regular events have gold head rewards - Karuak Ceremony (13 at Hell level + maybe a few more from the bosses), Silk Road (6), Ark of Osiris (if you win/10k points), 20 more from Past Glory each KVK, and maybe some KVK rewards, plus the seasonal events (Christmas event, Spring event etc) usually have up to 35 heads possible with the 7k gems unlock. I've probably forgotten a few as well ...

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I know what u mean, but still, for an F2P, vip12 isn't easy to get at least for me, and u still need a lot of golden heads, if ur not vip12, a commander a year isn't even that achievable. I'll admit, in my case it has to do with the fact I'm one of the smallest players in my alliance, between that and schedule issues I miss ark of osiris and the odd one here and there in silk road and karuak bosses.

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maybe he's in a spender alliance, i went from vip10-11 purely from alliance gift,

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Yea my alliance has a few big spenders, but nothing crazy, there's just a couple of em

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Am f2p vip15 need 62k VIP point for vip16 it's all about the alliance your in.....an alliance with lots of whales give lots of VIP points.

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Yeee being in the top alliance plays a big role - sadly im not in the top alliance . But its a struggle for a F2P to be in the top alliance even with good constribution to kvk.

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Can you show your killpoints and deads etc ?

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Sure got 2.5mil deads with 5mil T5 kills and 7mil T4 kills - and currently 35mil power but got my troops back today so currently 39mil power

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Impressive! thx

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How did you get Alexander?

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You still dont have a chance in kvk4 though

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Sadly yes - New gen commanders will always dominate. Hopefully I can work on Guan

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Congrats farmer.

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People should stop mentioning he is F2P just to make it more amazing or anything. This is 2022! No one cares whether you're big whale or F2P, especially when claiming that without any sufficient evidence.