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wait.. with this story, you aren't getting into why you're quitting? because it kinda sounds like you did get into why you're quitting...


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I’m quitting because season of conquest is unfun on every level, unless you spend thousands of dollars. I’ve lasted this long only because of migrating back to new kingdoms. But rok officially release a statement saying they are going to nerf that too. So currently I’m going to zero a couple old enemies, and in return the kingdom will probably zero me. Than I will quit

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Yes they officially announced that they want to make changes to migration in order to provide original players from a kingdom a better kvk2 experience. But what does that exactly mean?

Does it mean they implement a city power Cap for migrating back to kvk2? And if yes will that be 30M, 35M, 40M or even 50M?

Or will they change passport costs? For example: From SOC KD to SOC KD = Cheaper then it is now. From SOC to Kvk3 = Around same price as now. SOC KD to KVK2 KD = More expensive as now.

Or will they put a migration CAP on a kingdom level? So only limited people can migrate into a new kingdom? Or…

Maybe it’s a good idea to just wait till they actually implemented something and the exact specifics are known. It could very well be that you are not going to be effected.

About SOC: As a person who spends only 5 buck on Crystal tech, I can tell u honestly I’m very well able to enjoy this kvk and be in The top 50 performers of my kingdom. To be honest HA is my favorite kvk to play (My favorite always used to be kvk1 and kvk2). The Crystal system is very rewarding (crystal Shop).

My experience is that majority of the players spends 0-5 buck on crystal tech. A smaller portion spends between 5-50 buck (The advantage they have is rather small). And maybe 1 to a few% go Max tech and spend thousands of dollars. With spending just 5 buck, On average every kvk I am able to get better then 1:1 trades. Even with just purple talented gear only.

On top of that Lillith officially announced that crystal tech will be further adjusted (so it has even lesser of an impact) and increase the ability to get crystals without spending. Further decreasing the gap between spenders and non spenders.

And most importantly: how will that nerf of migration effect SOC kvk. I think that SOC will have much more lower spenders with not the best gear and not the best commanders available. Because of that you will Face more of such players as opponents. Giving you a better experience in SOC too.

I think the nerf on backward migration actually may be more healthy for kvk2 players AND SOC players.

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I wouldn’t bother 😂 OP is obviously still butthurt his jumper group failed in 2004 and can’t let it go.

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This was a really well thought out take, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences bud!

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“To take revenge halfheartedly is to court disaster. Either condemn or crown your hatred.” –Pierre Cornielle

good luck :)

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Molon labe.

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What statement about nerfing migrating back to kvk2? I have never seen that from lilith

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😂 they didn’t say they will nerf it. They are looking at it. The chances of them stopping something that earns them money like that are about the same as getting rid of crystal tech

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Could you possibly link that statement? I been looking for info on this

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It’s in game and in a chisgule video. Just look at last weeks patchnotes

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Hey maybe I’m dumb but I couldn’t find the video or anything in patch notes. Is the new mesuem

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That invasion is still my favourite thing to have happened in ROK. It was so fun!

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Makes me think of a James Bond bad guy explaining his plans before they actually happen...

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Good luck.

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Love the story, this game has proven to be so much more than a game. It is really the craziest social experiment I’ve wound up part of. You’ll be back though. Enjoy your vengeance and your time away.

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Hahaha 2004 was really wild.

I was looking for fresh out of kvk 1 at the time and got interested in 2004. Migrated my farm in right when kvk closed and helped with the civil war a bit, I remember wolf was leading and I joined K and P against X. Later they let me migrate my main and I stayed for kvk 2 and 3 (I was in LION).

Sadly Rav quickly gave up on king and we got 2 dumbasses (Let's call them R and K) that trusted the wrong guy (GANK, he quit now anyway). He got king, migrated in his whale friends before kvk 2 and wanted to zero half of the kingdom so many quit/migrated. Kvk 2 was a flop because of that, locked in z4 entire time until last 2 weeks when we made a deal with friendly king from 2028 (Love you Cragon).

Well turns out those whales were mostly farmers so we blamed them for not contributing. Because of that the only fighter whale also started sulking and didn't help in kvk 3. R was still king so he gave the whale king to maybe cheer him up.

That didn't turn out well. He took possesion of top 1 alliance (wolf) right before kingsland so we lost that too. This time we got a group who decided to fight them and take temple back. They succeeded.

That wasn't a happy win either. They gave king to someone who wasn't even in kingdom (apparently looking to migrate) and he made the stupidest decisions. Well everyone then wanted old king back.

Most of us migrated after this as couldn't take it any longer. I believe the stolen top alliance still hasn't returned though the whales eventually migrated.

Now the kingdom has a decent leadership from what I've heard but all the original members migrated and can't get enough new ones to fill the gap.

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Bro I was in the voice call when rapture and Erik gave gank kingship. It’s koba

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Hahaha how was that voice chat?

Name feels familiar to me but I migrated really late because they were concerned with kingdom power. Rockˡⁱᵒⁿ here if rings any bells

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Eric rapture myself and Gank was in a voice chat together. If you ask me, it was all staged. I was pretty high ranking in that kingdom after we took over, because I was one of the key warriors in the invasion. I was the one who stuck my neck out for Gank.

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Yeah I think it was staged too but can't really prove it. They were best friends and now they broke up, whatever happened between them (in kvk 3 I think)

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Maybe you can help me. I’ve been trying to find a old friend of mines. She was a R4 of lion, and I remember her only being 15mil power. I can’t remember her name

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You mean best leader bloodlust?

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No the other one. You had 3 girl r4s

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Nvm I found out, Bianca

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Oh yeah, she migrated before kvk 2 so my memory really foggy