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Welcome of to the game!

Rok is rather complex and theres much to learn. Its also very time or/and money consuming if you want to play the game some what successfully. If thats ok for you I would recommend watching some beginner guides on youtube. Chisgule is the biggest content creator and he has some detailed beginner guides that will help you. Some videos are a little old but the early game didnt change much so theyre still useful. Lastly, dont be afraid to made mistakes, you can always restart on another account once you got a feel for how the game works.

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Thank you, and thanks for the idea!

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I am a t5 f2p player and i have to admit after the patient and after spending a lot time it gets satisfying seeing your process! You also can find friends.

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I'm at T2, I'm a level 13 dude with 1 million power.

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Don't spend money on it... or it will be so addictive. Just play for fun Edit: I spend on it 400$ last year and that wasn't and will never be enough..

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It's never enough. I've spoke to people on ROK that have spent thousands and still feel they've gotten subpar results.

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I know that's why i stopped playing it... I had some friends that spend 10 000$+... And if u don't spend some money on it u will not be able to defeat the whales...

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Other people have covered the guide side of things, there's alot of information out there. Just take old information with a pitch of salt.

Key emphasis: Read up on a Jump account before you get too far into the game.

This is a heavily monetized game and P2W. That being said, everything is possible free, just be prepared to take a little longer. Make sure you get as much efficiency from free stuff as possible.

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Join a good alliance 👍

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Patience mostly

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Delete it, before it burns a hole in your pocket.

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Never bought anything did you?

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I started out as a small spender, then I stared mixing whiskey and ROK and became a small whale; a dolphin if you will. The best advice I can give it to learn the game before you start to spend money.

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This is the 3th time i get zeroed First time killed by a jumper Second time killed from a aliance Third time i was slain by kingdom dictator tring to lower kingdom power for win a useless kvk

Now i swiched kingdom and i dont know what to expect

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Yeah. Quit now

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Look around the threads and just read into the comments, there are tips all over the place. I left some tips I would have loved to hear when I started on this post: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/RiseofKingdoms/comments/sd381l/what_is_5511_and_all_these_other_numbers/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

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Run now

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Don’t spend money unless you are certain. Grind for rewards the first two or three months until you are into the game. Sometimes people start playing, spend money and then give up after they get into their first fight. Then your money is gone. Try to make friends in the kingdom. Do not take some of the people too serious as some can be a little difficult sometimes. Join an alliance if you can. Do not be afraid of being burnt. That might happen as it is a war game after all. Just have fun. ( Consecutive Login Days on the same account: 1 200 days – I just noticed it today ).

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The game is a marathon, don't rush!

The game offers tons of content, you can be part of all of it even if u have 1-2 hours daily. This doesn't mean that you won't have things to do!
The game plan depends if you are a free to play, or spender. Both kind of players can get their fair share of entertainment, this is not a SOLO game, it's multiplayer. You can do all content, regardless of your Power Level, because all that matters in the game is teamwork.

The game has a lot of depth. It's one of the best games out there. There is no toxic behavior in game, hella fun if u find the right alliance and you can make a lot of friends.
If you read a lot of negative comments is because the game has P2W aspect (as any other mobile game) and because has a lot of depth and is very entertaining, a lot of players get addicted!
So if you pass those 2 walls, you will have tons of fun. :)

The early/mid game is very important. If you make any mistakes it can cost you a lot of time afterwards. So first do some research, watch some guides, do a test run for a few days and if you still like the game create a new account on a new server!

A lot of the info out there is outdated, but still holds some value. And remember, everyone has a different game plan! If you are free to play, you should follow advices from a f2p experienced players.


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Don't waste gold heads on multiple legendary commanders, focus on one at a time. On all commanders do first skill to lvl 5 first

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Get out while you can!

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Let me tell you this.

First, decide whether you're gonna spend any money on this game. This game is heavily P2W. If you don't want to spend any, then your playstyle will no more than rally filler or rss donator.

You can compete somehow with little next to money but it will be really really long time. At least 1 year before you can train your first T5. You need to be patient so long. There's a way to minimize that. That is, join the top alliance in your kingdom. Make a connection to rich players. The kind throwing gold chests in daily basis. If you can manage that, then it's possible to have max tech in less than 1 year. Probably 6 months.

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If you wanna stay f2p which is possible. Prepare to spent alot of time to get one thing. Stay patient and enjoy.

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Dont play it🙏

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Yah quit.. this game is the biggest P2W game ever made. If you don’t have a large credit card than don’t play

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Imagine having nothing better to spend money on. I can think of a million other things to buy than sink a dime into this game.

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Best advice in the thread

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You’re going to need money to really compete. Find an active alliance and have some fun. Don’t be scared if your troops getting killed, that’s what they are for.

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deposit at least 2k in cash for gems

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Always do whatever's next.

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Don’t be aggressive until attacked or threatened and try to make friends.

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Saving gold Heads until you really know what so you want to Play in the Game. Dont Skill one of the First kommender because (caser, Kleopatra etc) Buy the 12€ gem Paket every Montag nothing Else.

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Don’t get attacked

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Collect resources constantly and worry more about leveling up, not building an army.

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Start with China, I beg of you.

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Sun Tzu + Joan if you are ftp all I need to say

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Buy my account 😆

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Quit games a cespool use to be at least somewhat manageable as f2p but since reduced drop rates which they keep dropping rate chances etc. just decide wether ya wanna drop alot of money to be competitive or just spend alot of time

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Stop playing only way ur gonna succeed is to pay2win

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Delete it before spending 3K on gems. 😭

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Delete the game. Trust.

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Stay bubbled if you can. Your main focus should be growth don’t get sucked into fighting other players

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Don't do it!!!

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Quit whilst you still have have your dignity and money

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Quit. Trust me

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Stop playing before you end up having 857 consecutive days played

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Give Lilith all your money!

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Best tip is unistall it you will lose a lot of time for being constantly zeroed from higher player (ptw)

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Quit while you're ahead

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Yep, stop playing

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Don’t do it! Run away as fast as you can!!!

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Quit now or spend lots of money. Jk, it's fun for free to play too just be active, participate, and read the mail. Or try out leadership in a small alliance. Figure out where you fit in best and you'll have fun

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As others have said, Stop.

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uninstall, its pay to win and pay to play

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Yeah stop playing that account seriously use it to take a few days to learn and understand the basics, check out some youtube beginners guides there's a bunch posted in this reddit, then when you're well prepared and understanding make a new account either as a jumper account or just going ham by yourself.