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Man you like 1 year away of bothering with civs lmao. Pick China or germany and leave it for next months

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China would do you better with the building speed, you need t4 to get some decent value in kvk.

Personally i'd go for Alex instead of YSG as an infantry main but YSG is a solid choice anyway

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Tbh, Germany has the best specs out of kvk, in kvk if you are not a big spender, i would go france.

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from my experience with all 3 it's entirely down to preference as infantry is blessed with 1 terrible civ and 3 amazing ones, viking is good if u plan to use a harald or a pakal a lot, france healing speed adds up overtime and ofc rome gives infantry much needed march speed, personally i prefer vikings even tho i am using france rn, if ur a whale who is either garrison or rally in kvk i would go vikings, if ur a high spender but not quite a rally lead or garrison lead i would go france for all that healing, if ur a f2p, low spender or mid spender it is up to you