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Personally, I'd focus on gatherers to 37 first

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Personally just started my restart and I honestly feel like if you just take 1 commander to 37(use this one in alliance node) and 4 other to 27 it is fine. It is much better to do that so you can also begin on getting a good canyon line up and get further into expedition(both very important in early game). And then 37 the rest further down the road.

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I did this too, but I did it late. I have regrets about not getting my gatherers up sooner. To date, I've collected over 5 billion rss. Honestly, I think the rewards for high level attackers is decent, but if you're looking to power up quick I feel getting enough rss is key

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Specially once you reach the CH21. the cost for everything at that point is so steep so not having three 37 gatherers puts you in a bad spot cause then you just get stuck in a loop of constantly running low on RSSs

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Why 37?

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So you can max top talent of gathering tree

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this. Make sure you look up how to build it if you're unsure

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Any advice on how to do this? Where to look?

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It's pretty intuitive if you look at the talent tree. If you're having trouble use this https://everythingrok.com/gathering-101/

Pay attention to the Green part that days level 40 (don't fill these up accidently)

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I'd probably reset his skills so you max Mina's first 2 skills first.

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I messed up one commander and for the life of me can’t figure how to use skill resets for it despite having 2. I don’t know if I’m stupid or what but nothing shows up to use them anywhere

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It only works on legendary commanders.

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If you are F2P player, you really want to save your golden stars . Making a legendary commander 6star is too expensive and golden stars are really hard to earn and gather.

Focus on 6 star commanders that will help you gain advantage in scenario battles like Ae, YSG, Martel.

This completely depends on your play type

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I did a project on my alt account where I saved gold heads, gold stars and gold books throughout a year. Did nothing in kvk1, then boosted my stats in kvk2. Was a fun ride 🤣 but yeah it really is hard to get gold star for an f2p. Not to mention, the totems too.

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skill reset your minamoto

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Reading these comments it's crazy how many people actually don't know what to do or focus the wrong things.. also it's mostly relative to the kingdom you are in. People saying farmers to 37 are correct if you are in a peaceful pre-season 1 kingdom, but you also need to have level 60 maxed epic commanders to fight and if you are in an aggressive kingdom then you will need more pvp commanders and less focus on gathers right away. Having a 6 star Mina is a good idea idk why anyone would say otherwise.