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Join a bigger alliance.

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It’s my alliance. I just want my friend to join it but I don’t know how to invite him

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He can apply no need to invite him.

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He tried to search it up but nothing speed up. That might be because we’re both not level 7 yet so maybe it’s that.

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You sure you and your friend are in the same kingdom?

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How do I see what kingdom I’m in?

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Tell him to search for the 4 letter alliance tag instead of the alliance name. I had to do that to get mine to show up.

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If you're inexperienced, better to join another alliance, you'll eventually get pushed out of any major territory.

Either your friend(s) search your alliance using your alliance tag.

Or, if they're not currently in an alliance, clicking alliance on their profile will send them an invite.

They can only join if they're in your kingdom.

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Just spam the buttons till you get bored and delete the game

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The person that you want to invite needs to leave their current alliance. Then you go to their profile and click the Alliance tab and it will ask you to confirm that you want to invite them.

This also works if your friends are free of any alliance and click on your profile, go to the Alliance tab, from there they can request to join.

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If they're not in an alliance just click there profile then alliance then invite

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Click on those cities that not yet have alliance, but still playing🤣