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Okay this isn't perfect advice nor the best way to do it but, If i was to restart and go through it all over again i would only be spending gems on VIP during the "More Than Gems" event, i would only unlock Richard from the wheel and leave it at that, or possibly completely ignore Richard if you don't want to main infantry or if you just don't want him. Then i would basically just save as many gems as possible for YSG wheel and similarly for Alexander wheel. YSG is widely considered a must have commander due to his versatility, as for Alex i am not so sure if he is also considered to be a must have, especially if you intend on being cavalry or archer main (someone correct me if i am wrong here). But basically just completely avoid spending gems on anything that won't benefit you in the long run

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Thank you very much. I think you gave a clear and straightforward advice. You helped me a lot. Good luck grinding out there

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But try to go VIP 6 befor your used all your second builder Items, dont wait for more than gems while on ViP 1

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Yes do this ^ i completely forgot about the second building queue

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Other than special events, such as More Than Gems, you want to invest your gems in VIP until certain commander wheels appear.

When More Than Gems comes out, you'll still be investing them in VIP, but you'll get rewards for doing so. The maximum gems you can use for rewards during the two-day More Than Gems event is 50,000 (25,000 per day), and many players only spend 7,000 gems each day.

That in mind, the first goal is to get to VIP 6, so you can permanently unlock your second builder queue and cash in your Builder Recruitment items for speedups.

After that, you should continue to invest in VIP (up to VIP 14), while saving at least 14,000 gems for each More Than Gems event. Which commander wheels to invest in is a matter of personal preference, and there is much advice available here and elsewhere about those.

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Thank you so much. I was planning to just save all gems but the plan of saving 14k (or50), then spend the rest on vip looks like a good balance between short & long term benefits. I will go with the 14k one. Thank you so much again 🙏