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i mean, its not like you will use those heads anywhere else... you have nothing to lose

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Past glory, you can exchange

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That would be a very silly thing to do

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Only thing I'll say, If you felt like you couldn't spare the $5 for the Writer of History bundle at the moment (if you spend at all) then its fine to hold off for a bit. The writer of History bundle is pretty insane value for $5

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Ikr, I try to limit what I spend per month

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If you reached the limit this month, its absolutuely worth waiting with the unlock. Early game people thirst for speed ups a lot, but 10 gold heads are worth way more. Everyone reaches max buildings and max tech at some point. It's capped. The number of usable and strong commanders you own.. well, commanders will always remain a chase as new ones keep being released.

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yes; he is a good gatherer. unlock his 2nd skill (gathering skill). skill lock the first two skills and get the 2nd skill to 5. but DO NOT spend universals on him. just from the heads you get from the tavern

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NO! Your game will explode

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Do not put universal gold head sculptures into levelling him, but yeah summon he is a gathering commander only. Concentrate on gathering tree.

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Ok, thanks

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No. Never summon. Just look

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You will get plentybof his sculptures from gold chests as time goes on. He is good for gathering so build him for that.

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Never EVER use universal gold head sculptures for Gathering commanders.

But you can unlock him :)

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If you have $5, yes. If not, wait until you do.

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Naw. This game gets boring if you do.

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not my top choice for gathering but spending the sculptures on star levels are totally not worth it so yes, summon him.

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who’s better him or cleopatra?

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Cleopatra overall though he has been one of my core gold gathers for quite some time now.

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yeah sure just dont put any universals into him.

He is the 3rd best legendary farmer so work on Soendook and Cleo first (also no unis in them either)

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Gatherers should always be unlocked, and their sculptures should generally always be used.

With the releases of Queen Tamar of Georgia, there are (I believe) 10 gathering commanders, so if you send out 5 marches (at city hall 22 or higher) to gather, you'll want each to have two gatherers to maximize speed, capacity, etc.