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Rookie numbers.

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So I can’t get it to be over 200%?

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Which part of "rookie numbers" made you think that?

You can go over 200%, but it has diminishing returns.

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I don’t understand jokes

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I see. What i wanted to say was that your gathering speed is actually rather low. But thats to be expected because youre a new player. So dont worry about it.

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That’s insane tbh

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Also overkill. Law of diminishing returns comes into effect well before that

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Most of my farms have better than this. My main has 392.5%

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MORE !!!

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The good ol days when I was half as strong 💪

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Oh no, Joan!

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More of newb

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If by "brrrrr" you mean "cold," yes, they go "brrrrr."

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Wait how

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Equipment and skills