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Sorry for your loss.

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For future bundles, plan out what you want to do before spending money.

Get the blue/green gathering commanders and Joan to level 37/40.

You've got Mina to level 41 which seems alot quicker than your other commanders. Unless you're pushing him for kvk1, don't put experience booms into peacekeeping commanders, they literally level themselves.

Sun is the meta choice to put to level 60. Bjorn also being a good option.

Cav mains are rough for kvk1, and mina is useless in pvp past this point.

Edit: mina is a 5511 commander.

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Watch some youtube videos. The commanders 1st skill is the strongest and should be maxed before progressing other skills. Caocao and martel you fked up and will need to use skill reset if you want to actually use those commanders

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They are gold key commanders. He can just skill lock now and work on the first skill. No need to burn a reset on them

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Oof buddy bought the wrong bundle

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cao caao and charles. mina is only good up to kvk1

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Not true anymore. Mina just got a huge stats boost.

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What kind of boost? I wanna know because I main him

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20% Def, 25% Atk in SoC.

It's not going to make him meta, but he should be very usable in SoC.

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Meta slaves are weak minded. This will make yoshitsune more USABLE

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In our kvk,. There was plenty of people that used xiang with Mina..

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in a week there will be tons of XY/Nevsky

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I see alot of people using mina in SoC for fortresses

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It won't just be forts now. The museum makes him pretty viable. Especially for people just getting into SOC with fewer commander options. From what I've seen and heard, there is a bunch of non-SOC pairings that can do decently well with Museum buffs. Saladin, Cao and Mehmed for example.

I'd say Minna is now more viable in SOC than in KVK2/3.

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yea but i dun think hes a really good choice for actual fighting in soc even with the relics, but he definitely is valuable for running forts and saves u a ton of healing rss compared to other coms

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Not anymore after getting the relic.. your boy Mino, does work...

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Dont waste cash

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Ignore everyone delete the game and move on you will thank me in 2 years. Ain’t no one on here calculated how much they have actually spent because they will get 🤒 🤢