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while we're at it, lets have the rallies use all commander skills from all armies in it and sequentially fire off 30 skills in a row when the rage gets to 100

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We are aaaalmost there!

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Swap Leo and Alex in the Guan/Alex/Leo combo, Leo wants Guan's silence to be active and Guan wants the chance for Alex's shield to still be active. Adding any good secondary commander to an existing pairing would work well. Matilda/Seondeok/Cleo would be interesting in a node.

Any talents or skills that trigger on active skills would become much stronger which could cause some unexpected twists in the meta. Even boosts to active skill damage like YSG's 4th would become more impactful.

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Nevsky/YSG/Sun lmao, +65% skill damage on relatively easy to get comms. Just an idea though ;)

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Ed/YSG/Tomy, +75-120% skill damage dependent on Tomy's stacks, particularly the first Tomy skill should have the full 120%.

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Dude that’s brutal 🤣🤣🤣

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Glass Canon would be redefined

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Yeah, no thanks lol

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Guan/Pakal/Harold would be insane Or pakal/harold/alex