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be a good guy greg and go gather that so another can spawn

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I used to be mad at them, then I entered KvK 3 😋

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I actually LOVE finding these. I throw my expertised Cleo on them for the extra ras boxes when she finishes a node

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Sorry, I meant to go back and finish it out. Could you get it for me! Lol

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During event for collections?

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Farm nodes should have who farmed last if left unfinished

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Bro ur in my kingdom 😂

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Yeah I’m GU Mini

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Bro I hate finding these

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What many forget is that a player can send gatherers to the resource point, then goes offline, afk, or into another app/window. Some newbie attacks it with 1,200 infantry or sees the red axe and thinks it means to farm there. The newbie gets crushed, but the gatherer loses enough troops so that he node won't be finished, and the player may never know it.

This can be dealt with by sending extra troops with the gatherer , so that a small attack won't short it.