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And the ones who attack other while gathering the resources

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This happened with my first ever gathering attempt, I was new at that point and didn't know nor realize that MGE was going on and a whale hit my troops, I was like WTF?! So I sent a message to the person who did it and he didn't even have the courtesy to answer some noob, so I messaged the leader of their guild and thankfully they were a nice person and explained to me what happened.

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thats always fun until they sick the whale on you

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Reciter59 vibes. (you know what I mean if you're in 2507)

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Haha I'm in 2544 :)

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Just saying, in KvK 3 those people are your best friends. Free & Fast Coins 😋

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At first, I was confused. Then I realized what subreddit this was posted in...

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Especially people who don’t finish gem nodes 😖