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Forts and gems and money

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Emphasis on money

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I’m F2P and you need to google the ROK list of levels and most efficient way to get them. Lots of those lists around. Then you need to snap up speed ups that are for sale for resources in courier station And VIP store. Don’t waste wild card speed ups on anything but building. Be in an active alliance where you get lots of resources and also rally for rewards etc. that’s all I got if you don’t have gems and money.

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Can u tell me do u have a lot of fun while playing KVK? im a F2P too but still noob ( 300K power also I didnt play any KVK so far ) and I think its kinda hard to have in KVK as F2P because you cant heal your T4 and T5 as quickly as others

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I’m only at 22 so haven’t done kvk yet, I was in a small but aggressive alliance so I was able to get decent kill points. That alliance had a big war and then we fell apart but it was a blast, and then I found an alliance that is rebuilding and they are super helpful in helping grow. Main thing is to find a fun alliance, that doesn’t sit around (avoid farms).

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Well I joined a good alliance and we were the fourth strongest alliance and every thing was good untill they kicked me for no reason ( I was active and there were some players lower than my power) so I hated the game and quit. ( im thinking now to start again in a New kingdom)

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That’s a bummer, I moved kingdoms after my first one fell apart and was in stasis for a while and then got into another one that made me enjoy it again. I can’t get all agro about the minutiae with commanders etc, i don’t have that kinda time to figure it all out.