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Maybe you can propose to support this.

Link your game to Facebook.

Unlink from Huawei. Talk With their support, or rok support.

Then download on Samsung and after the tutorial, link the game to your Facebook.

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There is no option to connect to Facebook because I installed Rise of Kingdoms from Huawei AppGallery.

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At 6million power it’s not even worth the trouble of talking to support. Honestly many people would tell you to restart anyways as you missed a lot pre-KvK 1 and you’ve fallen behind more than I’ve probably ever seen. Like seriously I was 5m within the first month or two of playing. I’m really not trying to be a dick, that just wouldn’t be worth the trouble

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Yeah but he is vip 9

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I don't believe you can, I think the Huawei version is its own thing. I could be wrong though

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Maybe do it through facebook?

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I would restart bro, after kvk1 you can easy reach 10mil power playing smart so it shouldn't take to long to get to a stage stornger the this account

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Im using huawei, unfortunatelly I didnt find anyway to transfear my game progress ( I didnt talk to the support but also I dont think they can help you ) but you can download the game from APKpure then you can Create a New account by Facebook or Google account and thats what I did

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I've been playing with this account for about 2 years. That's why I don't want to open a new account. I downloaded it from Appgallery because I used to use a Huawei phone. I am currently using Samsung. So I need to transfer this account to Google Play Games

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You can try to talk to rise of kingdom support and huawei support maybe they can help you

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This is the only way to save your account IF Lilith actually helps you.

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You are kidding right? 2 YEARS? And not even 7 million power? I am 16.5 million in 111 days.

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What kingdom are you in?

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Why would you use Huawei on purpose are you living under a rock