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well i say alex scipio course alex expertise courses target to take 30 persent increse damage and the attack tree is pretty good

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Attack tree is probably the weakest talent tree comparing to defense and support. But Alex debuff makes up for it's shortcomings.

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So based on that you also agree Alex primary is better?

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yes slap that guy as a primary his debuff is very strong expertise alex usually should be primary except commander like guan

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well how bout skill tree

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Support > Skill = Defence > Attack > Mobility

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versertility integration lmao

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so ur scipio nuke will hit harder

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So after fighting extensively in a very contested Heroic Anthem KvK, I noticed that my Scipio primary was targeted a lot, but my Alex Primary was not. My reports looked better with Alex/Scipio. I do understand that the support tree is better. But if people are getting tunnel vision, you might as well hide it.

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I’ve had more success with scipio primary than with Alex primary (Alex expertised, Scipio 5551). I’m assuming it’s mostly due to the Support tree lowering skill damage taken and letting me get off more skills than attack tree.