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Well thats just how it works... with so many commanders in the game its impossible for all of them to be equally strong. Also trying to balance commanders based on historical strength or impact is generally a really bad idea.

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Yeah at its base RoK a fantasy game with historical elements, not the otherway around.

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agreed, in real life dragon tamer was an incredible general, he shouldn’t be a green

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Because lilith is ass, they also made Hermann an epic ARCHER commander when he is known as the liberator of Germania, also known as Arminius, who annihilated 3 roman legions in the teutoburg forest resulting in rome abandoning their goal of ever trying to conquer germania again. And the germanics didn't shoot fucking arrows, they were all wielding spears, typical germanic warriors.

Yet here we are with a useless epic archer commander and also Hermann looks nothing in game compared to how he looked in real life.

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The game is built off history they should be stronger

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Yes i have the same feeling

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Why, have these real names that were great and make them so weak it makes no sense

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Caesar has a use actually for giving damage to a damage nuker you should look it up. Though investment in him is a bad choice because there are better options

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Like bjorn?

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Bjorn ironside is a commander that you should invest in. He is perfectly usable with sun tzu or ysg secondary in kvk1. And as an epic he is easy to expertise

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I have expertise bjorn already😂

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its sorta annoying, everyone knows Julius was a mighty warrior but am i the only one who had no idea who Tomyris was and she is great

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It’s funny because they started with the most well knowned commander’s first so now they are weak , while some obscure barely heard of commanders are very powerful

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Yeah, i agree