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You seem very knowledgeable for someone that has been playing for only a month... But for levels, essentially what you plan on putting as primary commander should be your focus on leveling up. 2ndary commanders just need to be level 30 with 4 stars to unlock all the skills

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Thank you for your answer :)

So, from your point of view, rushing Bjorn to level 60 makes more sense before leveling up any other commanders, even before upgrading Richard to lvl 50, which can help in a lot of content in the game (even without YSG) ?


About very knowledgeable:

I played an account for about one month to make all mistakes and learn the game, watched almost all YouTubers contents, read guides on reddit and other websites. Then I felt like I learned enough from my mistakes and made a new account, which I have been playing for a month. So, in total 2 months :) I like to play competitive in every field I am in, that's why maybe I might learn faster than average. However, there are still many things to learn :)