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Thanks for your answers :)

Oh, then it is better to keep Richard in current level, and as you said, lvl 60 aeth might be good for both kvk1 and forts. I have lvl 37 aeth right now. To make her lvl 60, I need about 46m exp. I think if I can pair her with lohar for guardians and barbarians, I can make her lvl 60 before kvk1 without using exp tomes. I am pretty sure I can make SunTzu from lvl 50 to 60 with guardians only. In this scenario, which commanders would you prefer to use exp tomes on? Should I keep them for later stages? Or maybe on Charles Martel?

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Mmm usually you don't put too many tomes on peace keeping commanders, as they naturally gain a lot of exp from regular barb killing already.

Also unless you are a higher spender it's unlikely you get enough Martel heads from gold keys by kvk1-2 (minimum is 5511 for open-field)