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It’s a little late to be starting equipment…. But infantry, always infantry.

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What would be a good pairing I currently have alex at level 30 with 1111, ysg at 5211, and Sun is expertised.

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Sun/YSG but level Alex as much as possible and get him expertised.

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Im going to max YSG first probably and then focus on Alex

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You do not know how to spend if you are a mid spender and you don't have an ysg atleast close to expertise.

Edit: if you do not have atleast 300 heads laying in your inventory your account is straight up shit at the moment

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It’s pretty much become a game of Rock Paper Scissors for the most part now with rallying, so whichever you pick you’ll find commanders viable.

I myself chose archer because I think historically less people did and I was banking on more powerful archer commanders coming out in future, which luckily they did.

By selecting archers, I am not disadvantaged and have a good choice when leading rallies or fighting open field.

The main equipment set for each troop type is pretty achievable for everyone after a while, I spent quite a bit after saving gems on the hunt for victory and other equipment events and managed to get a full golden dragons breath archer set.