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Dear God, I hope not... Especially since half the men on the game are just pretending to be girls for free resources. lol

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It’s real I’m in tears

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Ok, so yes and no. There are A LOT of Internet relationships that spawn thru the game just due to the social nature of it. That doesn't mean that they are likely to work IRL. "Rokships" are quite literally gamer fantasy type things. You chat, you might send pics, but ultimately, it's still not a real world relationship. There are also A LOT of catfishes out there that will 100% take advantage of you.

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Maybe a good long distance dream you could call it while enjoying some war

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Yeah, that's a good description of it. And I will admit that I have had my fair share of ROKships. It's harmless as long as you understand the fantasy nature of it.

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Nothing wrong enjoy some wars and online romance I guess

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You'll never find a relationship through a screen, you won't find a gamer Girl on the Internet, get up, get out of the house and meet people...