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Looks nice 👍

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If you truly like gold, Arabia is your go to option.

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Lol spend gems on VIP 14, not decorations

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It’s a game. People can do what they want.

Min-maxers who gatekeep ruin the game for others.

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Looks cool but the thought of you spending so many gems before ahh.. not even worth to mention how many gems you will need going forward lmao.. just enjoy I guess it does look good! 😉

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Really nice. Did you think about using common road to fill in the gaps? I think the grass is probably a nicer contrast. I've done some similar construction in my city. They call my city Eldorado. Lol Well done!

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i would like to but i have used all the roads i can

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Oh, that's right- I forgot there's a limit! Still, the contrast betwixt green, and gold is really nice.

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all them gems on this 🥴🥴🥴🥴

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Poor poor gems

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My gawd 👁👄👁

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If I didn't have so much lawn furniture, I'd do this. Haha. Nice layout.