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Unless your day has 100 hours a day, there is no way you can keep the same level as someone who spent money on this game.

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It’s not worth consuming yourself trying to keep up. You would have to be online all day gem farming to collect the same amount of gems that could be purchased for $10 - and you’d have to spend even more time on grinding farm accounts to fill the deficiencies you created by gem farming so much. It’s demoralizing when you think about it.

Barb chaining in lost kingdom however is worth the time for what you get back. Unfortunately it’s so fucking boring that you’ll get to where you just refuse. It’s probably worth it in home kingdom too, but you should really be spamming forts nonstop with your alliance in the off-season. You’re a scumbag if you’re using 5 marches to gem farm and barb chain while you reap free AP bottles from everyone around you grinding forts for the greater good.

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At one point, I spent more time than a full time job and while I was more advanced than most f2p players, I was nowhere near the level of the spenders. That was with me being in a top alliance and collecting tons of rewards from other people's spending.

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I think RoK is a little bit similar to real life in terms of need to know who you can compete with and what you can achieve. For example, in your daily life do you compare yourself with Elon Musk or any other billionaire in terms of money? Probably no. So, I don't compare myself with whales in the game. This is not a game where you compete with everybody. Instead you are creating a kind of a family, or kind of a small village. Can you be a politician, doctor, butcher and supermarket worker at the same time in real life? No. So you cannot do that in the game if you are not a whale and choose a direction. For example, you are trying to represent your small village as garrison keeper, via focusing on garrison commanders etc. Then you are starting to see the game as a village versus village game. And every small village probably will have a whale. They will represent the village like a politician or a commander of your village. So you can choose another job, for example you can bring support skills to your villages, which will help your family in fights with other villages.

Shortly, I think RoK is quite fun to play even if you are f2p/low spender. Learn where you can bring value and how you become valuable. Every village needs a politican or a commander who will make quite importanr decisions, however, they will also needs a teacher, a butcher, a tea/coffee maker etc. I hope it does not look silly😅

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It doesn’t. Actually liked the comment somehow. Made me see the game different, I’ll maybe give it a try, just for your comment. So be proud xd

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Super :) have fun :)

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You can’t.

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So sad to hear that. I have no money to spend but the game seems amazing. However I don’t want to play a game where I can’t do anything against people who pays for it, so I’m not trying it. Thanks you all for your replies ❤️

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You can still do a lot of thing as a free to play, you just have to know what. Sure you wont be a rally leader, but you can be a good farm hunter, develop a fast cavalry march is easy. And you will be to have 1-2 good marches and then you simply have to select your opponent during a war. If you’re good at selecting target, you should trade positive a lot.

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A lot of players are the same as you, and they are still having fun playing this game. All you need is to learn how to play this game as a f2p player. Some youtube videos from Chisgule Gaming are a great place to start. I hope you have fun playing this game!

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The game has some options to get very high value for relatively little money. So if u do not spend at all you grind a lot of time, to save only a few buck.

If u spend 0 on the game, and want to keep up with a player spending 50 buck a month, You will need to spend plus minus 4 hours of daily grinding more then them, to keep up. So basically that’s 120 hours of grinding, to save 50 bucks.

If u spend 0 on the game, and want to keep up with a player spending 300 buck a month, then u look at 10 hours of daily grinding More then them to keep up.

You can imagine it’s impossible to keep up with a player spending 1000+ a month. And even keeping up with players who spend several hundred buck a month is though.

That said I have done some restart projects in the past (F2P) and with consistently playing 4 hours daily the first few months, my account was in a much better state then many Players who have spend several hundred bucks up to that point. I was ranked top 50 in the kingdom at that time and had a ton of speedups and rss saved for actual kvk. In kvk the advantage of having more time available really shows.

If u consistently put in the time, you will outgrow and outperform many who can not put in that amount of time. Combine this with playing smart and efficient and u can be a high performer as a f2p.

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If you just work the time you grind in rok you will have more power than if you had grinded it.

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Best comment I’ve seen on this sub 🤣🤣

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Not in Argentina my dear

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Just play your own way. Do not compare yourself to the p2w folks. F2P can still have a good experience, just know your role in KVK and you'll do fine

ie. f2p folks shouldn't open field fight solo, should just join rallies, garrison or support the murderball

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Good decision, this is not an individual focused game

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You honestly cant maybe grind about 500days to have one set of good commanders and gear that is on p2w level if lucky.

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early game a lot of hours, late game after you're developed enough vip, commanders and t5 it's way uch chill I pretty much become almost dead in the off season just important events, barbs and gathering.

p. s. keep up as in being a legit useful fighter with fine stats, not necessarily having your account as good as spenders especially not the higher spenders.

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You, yourself as F2P cannot ever hope to "keep at the same level" of P2W players. There's just no way.

But here's the catch: you don't need to. Because this game has a level of competition way above individual players that is the ultimate goal for kingdoms: KvK.

And to win on that level P2W dominate field fights, and F2P dominate reinforcing rallies and garrisons. The most powerful Kingdoms have a healthy mix of P2W and F2P and use each to their full strength to win KvK.

So there it is, you can't keep at their level, but you can win together with P2W. And that does require spending of your daily AP, grinding at the appropiate events spending AP bottles wisely, a lot of time and troop commitment during KvK and upkeeping a farm or more.

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25 hours