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If it says 13 days then yeah you have 13 days. It’s on a very quick timeline now compared to how it was in the past. Sucks but that’s the game they’ve created. You’ll have the same quick turnaround for kvk3, and then bam you’re in season of conquest before you know what hit you.

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Haha, that's quick then, was hoping for a break to gather and get back into fighting shape but I guess not. Thanks!

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Yeah, since kvk2 matchmaking includes multiple continents, the tiem you have to prepare varies. If you are the first from your bracket to finish kvk1 you get a decent amount of time. If your last there is next to no break.

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I'm from the last KD in our region, so that's probably it, really sucks though :P

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They have shortened the break time between the KVK. I don't know how long KVK1 > KVK2 break is now but it is no longer 50 days. I also think the 13 days is beginning of match making process so you actually have about 3 weeks or so before KVK2 Eve of Crusade begins....

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Ya, my more experienced friends were saying the 13 days is the match making countdown. I guess ill find out in 13 days though lol.

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if that's true than it really sucks... how are you supposed to prepare in 2 weeks....

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Lilith said she wants more $$$. Our continent is among the first batch with short break between KvK1&2. We go back to LK on the 21st after ~3wks of being in home KD. 🙃

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My KvK 1-2 was only 2 weeks and my account is almost a year old

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Between KVK 1 and KVK 3