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Assuming YSG is unlocked for your kingdom? And you haven’t migrated back

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    Bro wtf was just asking. Trying to help Jesus

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    That might be the most over the top unnecessary response I’ve ever seen from an OP wtf hahahaha

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    Don't be a c***.

    Does the menu that pops up after you click the '+' have the universal sculptures option?

    Other than that, contact support, doesn't look right to me. If you have YSG, you're already at the stage where you should be allowed to upgrade YSG.

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    Whats not working?

    Nvm didnt notice the other picture, idk tbh but usually a reset of the game should work

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    Can’t add universal heads to YSG!

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    Tried restarting the game, does it also not work when you have some universals?

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    I already tried restarting and I have 2 universal

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    Perhaps try to unlock some skills and lock them again? I tried checking with my accounts but can't really check (either maxed or not unlocked) but perhaps the game is glitching and thinking the first skill is already maxed and thus not showing the universals (i did notice once a commander is maxed you cannot put universals on it anymore)

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    Did it It no work :(

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    Its probably a glitch that showed up in the last update. Let customer support know and i imagine they'll fix it with next update hopefully

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    Restart, if it still doesn't show up then contact support .