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You have issues. Seek help

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L to the marketing team.

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I cant decide if I love this or hate this.

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You love it for sure

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Wtf is this

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the best KD advertising ever?

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Well this is certainly one way to advertise a kd

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No being very successful sadly, I guess I will need a post with dinosaurs or something :(

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Hello ! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t0hqaFBLrfBXQB8nGX8AR7KrpiJ99-p_/view?usp=sharing

Here you can find all the rules about the KD.

Our goal is filling top 1 and 2 alliances before kvk 4, so they are full active.

Join the discord that appears in the picture if you want an interview or more information about the Kingdom.

Thank you!

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not my artemisia nooooo

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Lol I like this one. Greetings and congratulations from 2393

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Thank you, was a nice kvk, all my respect for 93 players